Tennis and such

Lost my tennis match horribly. Sucked but had so much fun. Also, WTF with wanting government subsidized childcare. Does no one plan to raise their own fucking kids?

AYSO hates me too

At last night’s board meeting I asked the board why we give trophies to every child. What happened to a trophy for 1st place, a smaller trophy for second place and medals for third place? Anyone ever heard the term false praise? The response, of course, was, “You go and tell the 6 year olds that they don’t get trophies.” Uh, okay. I guess I’d tell them that they’d have the opportunity to earn a trophy too. Cuz, ya know, raising a nation of sissies seems to be on the …

Pro Life, Pro Choice, Pro Adoption and Deeply Offended

I am a feminist. Recently that declaration has been called into question. I am a feminist from my earliest moments as my mother’s daughter right up to the moment I decided to become my daughter’s mother. It is appalling to me that there is such divisiveness between women. I am a feminist because I am pro-life. I am a feminist because I do not believe that abortion is the right choice for me, and I pray it’s a choice my daughter never has to make. I am a feminist because …

Little Fucker

July 2008: purchase hamster for my son’s birthday. August 2008: come to enjoy hamster August 28: Hamster escapes cage August 29 AM: Hamster is seen under sofa, unfortunately small lizard is also seen under sofa. We have never purchased a lizard. Oooooh mysterious…

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