I was at PBS’ TCA (Television Critics Association) press event this morning and I couldn’t wait to run out the door. The critics that I met were angry and rude. Well, there was one lady who was very sweet and I sat with her at breakfast (which reminds me that the Langham needs to up their game) but then the ringleader of the angry trolls plopped down next to the sweet lady and I got up and left.

To be fair Sarah was wise enough to point out that we should move but I did spot the angry troll lady rifling through the sweet lady’s stuff.

Paula Kerger (the President of PBS) was addressing the audience and mentioned that she was ready to commit to social media when one of the critics got the microphone and asked her six times why she hadn’t tweeted since November 11th?

Asshole, maybe it’s because she’s busy trying to run a TV network?

Of note is the fact that this critic has used twitter just a handful of times himself. Is it terrible to hate strangers? Hate is actually too strong a word, they just irritate me and I want to run back to my house and sit here and write without having to deal with anyone. I don’t want to glad-hand or smile and listen to idiots. I’m just not a nice enough woman for all of that.

Mercifully I had lunch with a startup that appears to be run by geniuses with impeccable taste. I can’t talk about it yet, I can’t even whisper but I’ll let you know soon enough.

I’m off to dinner with the B-52’s. I sure hope the critics have showered some of the angry off.

Things I Want to Share With You



If you watch PBS or listen to NPR, please consider showing your support by joining the following grassroots effort – http://www.170millionamericans.org/.

If you read my website understand that without Net Neutrality this blog will probably go away. www.TheInternetStrikesBack.org I am going to BEG YOU to please get involved in this absolutely critical issue. Please share your thoughts about Net Neutrality in the comments below. I’m too overtired this week to do it justice.


If you are married, no matter how long you will enjoy Spousonomics. I was lucky enough to get a galley copy and every marriage can benefit from a book like this.

Allison Gilbert wrote Parentless Parents, it is a beautiful tribute to parenthood and family. I was accidentally sent two copies, if you see me in person this week I’ll give you my extra copy. If you’re parenting without one or both of your parents this is an excellent resource, if you are parenting with your parents still around it’s an exceptionally well written book that will keep you grateful. Allison is someone who I have followed in social networks for a few years and she consistently gives more than she takes. Her compassion shines through in this book, and I am excited to support her.

Marsha Collier wrote The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide this is a great resource for any business owner, marketer, or businessperson who cares about their customer’s satisfaction. (Marsha is a friend, but this isn’t that kind of book. This is quite simply a book that you need.)

Guy Kawasaki sent me a copy of Enchantment it’s a fabulous guide to making your brand the Apple of everyone’s eye. Pun intended.

I’m just finishing up the first Wallander book Faceless Killers. It’s divine, but I’m reading only a page a day, because I don’t want to be done. What fiction should I read next?


Gentlemen, if you’d like every day to be a steak and blowjob day you must read Nina’s post titled Crap Women Don’t Want For Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to be from Los Angeles to appreciate How To Live in Los Angeles it’s a fabulous post from a writer I hadn’t discovered before this week.


I’ve joined Namesake.com and I really like it. Connect with me there. @Jessica

Federated Media Business Practices


I see that many of you are enjoying the post wherein I “out” JackMayhoffer as being a Federated Media Employee. Although I do appreciate that an SVP from Federated Media took the time to apologize on my blog, I do feel a need to let y’all know that this does not appear to be aberrant behavior.

At this point it’s important that everyone understand something. My original post, wherein I was trolled by a Federated Media employee did not name Federated Media. That post was about a phone call that I had with Federated about possibly joining with them, but it was a miserable phone call. It was unprofessional, it was rude, and I strongly suspect it was jam packed with half truths.

I was very careful to not name Federated Media in that post, because I had wanted to leave the door open. I thought there might be an opportunity for us to work together another time.

I’m slamming the door.

Earlier today someone was on the phone with me and said, “Have you googled jackmayhofferr and Federated Media?”

As I Googled, I screeched. Let me give you a few of Federated Media’s comments left on the web’s finest sites:

You guys have an ad next to your logo? Which you say people hate. Maybe you should have thought of that before posting. Or at least talked to you designers. – BusinessInsider.com June 2009

Mike you are delusional, you were NOT subsidizing smaller sites. You still don’t get it, do you? -Tech Crunch (directed at Michael Arrington) May 2009

Ummm — basically you have discovered the CPM pricing model. I hate to say this has been around since the 1990’s. Not all websites get paid by the click. I have been running one since 1999 and rarely take a cpc campaign. I do love what FM does because it involves high quality and paying engaging sponsorships that are great for both publisher and advertiser. PBS (left with no disclosure that she/he works for FM) November 2008

Isn’t Mahalo just a new Quiver? Sold to Inktomi back in 2002?- Battelle Media June 2007

FM gives publishers 60%, while doing ALL sales, collections biz dev etc… all while delivering some of the highest CPMs around. Can you name another rep firm that

1) only keeps 40%
2) has a CPMs over $5

Ad networks typically keep 40% – 60% of revenue and yield sun $2 CPMs if the pub is lucky.– Tech Crunch May 2008

Owen Obviously you know nothing about online advertising and demographics — there are way more women that read TC than you would think. -ValleyWag August 2007

What’s wonderful about Federated Media’s troll employee is that he/she has a consistent voice. I love that JackMayhofferr is so easily identified, that Jack is a great employee who is clearly loyal to the brand. So loyal, in fact, that he’d even troll his own CEO’s blog in order to dismiss Jason Calcanis.

I’d like to squee a little and jump around the room and thank Federated Media for their sloppiness. Sometimes as a blogger you have to work very hard to prove to people that companies have bad business practices, or that they might have one (or more) employee who is both abrasive and dumb (an unfortunate combination), but Federated Media made it easy for me.

Last week Peter Spande left a nice comment on my blog, it included the phrase:

Let me assure you, this isn’t the way should, or usually do, operate. My apologies to you. I’m not proud of this and take it very seriously.

Well Peter, it may not be the way you as a person operate, but it surely is the way that at least one Federated Media employee has operated for the last three years. The Federated troll was incredibly bold, posting on his own CEO’s blog. As a blogger (and a housewife not a CEO) I find it incredible that a titan of industry wouldn’t recognize his own employee as I so easily did.

Click to enlarge and enjoy

Update: another JackMayhofferr gem is at Mashable. Mashable is a publisher in the Federated Media Market:

WTF was that video?? Whaaaaaa

I’ve had deal with Dick before, and guess what he IS a DICK


Of course, this was posted about FeedBurner CEO Dick Costolo. Is there no one the Federated Media Troll won’t insult?

Mary Chapin Carpenter, Tavis Smiley and Goodwill


I can’t really storytell, as I’d like to, so I’ll give y’all a rundown of my day yesterday. It was quite a day.

I started, as usual getting up a bit before seven, breakfast and lunches for the kids, and then driving them to school at 8. By 8.30 I was back home making beds, cleaning up breakfast, and getting ready for my day.

I had a most extraordinary brunch (yes BRUNCH on a Wednesday… I know my life is perfect) with a woman who is ten years older than I am.  I am 39, she is 49. My daughter is 11, her daughter is 21. My son is 8, her son is 18. My husband is ridiculously handsome, hers is too. They are both very old. She and I, we will change our definitions of old, as needed.

I learned a few things from my new friend. The kids are going to start setting the table. Right now, they clear it after dinner and I enjoy the washing so I’m okay with that, for now, but I’m not setting the table any more. They’re old enough and it’s a quick chore. We’ve also had a few issues with Jane and her adolescence, basically Jane is changing, and my husband and I are standing in the middle of it all with our eyes closed, fingers in our ears and we are singing la la la la la la while trying not to cry. Clearly, we have a handle on the situation. (more…)