Trunx Free Photo Storage Offer & Giveaway


I’m looking at pictures of my kids from 2008 on my cell phone right now. I’d forgotten about these quick pictures that I took, uploaded to Facebook and then ignored for the past 6 or so years. I’ve just imported them to Trunx and in a few minutes my Instagram photos will be there too.

trunx instagram api

trunx instagram upload

I’m maniacal about backing up photos of my family. Some of them live on the hard drive of my computer and they are all copied onto two standalone hard drives (in case one fails), further I have quite a few photos and videos saved to flickr and an account with Carbonite that I will never let expire. I don’t have a huge selections of photos on Flickr because it takes me a minute to remember the privacy settings and anything that takes extra time from me is not something I’ll use by default.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine that’s working with Trunx asked me to download the app and take a look at what it does. She said we’d get together and talk about it after the fact. So I downloaded Trunx, gave it permission to store my photos and sat back in delight and watched the past 7 years appear in a beautiful timeline organized by date. I was able to scroll through and delete a few photos (how many pictures of my car’s thermometer reading “perfect weather” have I taken?). I can even delete them by group.

trunx tag photos

I can also tag my photos so that I can find all my car thermometers in one place or (perhaps more importantly) so I can find all my photos of Jane, Alexander, Mr. G or the four of us easily. This can be handy when it’s time for class projects (notice how “adult” I am for not railing against class projects that require photo printing?).

Perhaps most importantly for the bulk of parents out there is that Trunx is private by default. We are all guilty of oversharing (myself included) and with Trunx every image is private by default but you can easily share with friends and family without worrying about their friends and family seeing your babies on their social networks.

trunx app timeline

I get that not everyone is thinking much about privacy (waving hello to the NSA! It’s boring over here) but our kids are. At Jane’s high school when kids are accepted to college they do two things: first off they wear jeans to school (it’s against dress code but when you’ve scored early admissions they let it slide for a day) and second off they put their names on Facebook. Yes, really. When kids are Juniors in High School one of the first things they do is take their names off of all the social networks because they know that normal teen antics may hurt them.

While my community has learned to make baby videos go viral my children have learned to shut down their sharing. 

Privacy is the new black.

Until the end of February Trunx is running a promotion where everything you upload is stored free (like forever). There is no limit to the storage you can get for photos uploaded before the end of next month. Now, with that being said some of you will wait until March and then be all “Wah! Where’s my free storage???” And I’ll put my hand on my hip and be all, “I told you so.” But of course one of you will be able to add free photos for a full year, you just need to enter this giveaway.

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My Mother Sends Me Pictures


My Mother cannot stop taking pictures. Some of them are better than others but all of them tell you something about who she is.

We all love her and she’s the only person who seems to get a decent family photo.


Today she’s in New York and sent the following message along with another photo:

Your great uncle, from NY died in 1945 in France, just before the war ended.

I know this story well because the day my Grandmother’s Brother died was the day that part of her died. Everyone who knew her (even those who met her after his passing) knew that to be true. Mine is not a family that embraces war.

Veterans Day

This morning I shared a photo of one of the medals I have from that Great Uncle of mine.

veterans day

But possibly the best photo of the week came to me and my brother with a note that said: So Much For Women’s Lib!!!

i love tits

And in a “reply all” my brother said, “I don’t see the issue? Who doesn’t like tits?”




Why I Don’t Tell My Kids “the Internet is Forever”


I speak to teens differently than speak to adults. I’m probably much more candid with teens than I’d ever be with adults in part because they’re more accepting and in part because they’re more deserving of my candor. I’ve learned more from 15 year olds than from 50 year olds in this chapter of my life.

I’ve had more than a few people tell me that I’ve given misinformation in a post that I wrote last week when I said:

By now, my braless teenage friend, you know that adults have lied to you because you’ve seen plenty of things be deleted, you’ve seen entire social networking sites disappear (MySpace anyone?) and you know not to trust those adults who tell you that the internet is forever and that the world thinks you’re dirty.

Do MySpace images still exist? Yes, of course they do. The kids have been told that they still exist but the odds of one of their pictures coming back to haunt them must be one in a billion.

The whole The Internet is Forever scare speech is overdone. Though it’s mostly accurate the kids are still kids with partially formed frontal lobes and a limited amount of self control. Kids are going to make mistakes, lots of them, and most mistakes have small consequences. We don’t tell them that every time they cross the street without looking they’ll be hit by a car. If we told them that they’d know we are stupid.

So yes, the pictures we posted on MySpace in the last millennium are still there but the pictures I posted on Whrrl (sold to Groupon) are not. Could someone have saved them? Yes. Is it possible that there’s a screengrab of me misbehaving? Yes. Is it more likely that nothing will ever come of these. Absolutely. What malice have you imagined?

My point in my other post may have been lost on a few people. The most important thing that I wanted to convey to teenage girls is that many people (myself included) won’t judge them for being a little sexy or a little silly. I wanted to remind them that though there may be people behind pulpits hell bent on ostracizing them for the crime of being teens most of the world will sort of glance at these poses, shrug and move on. It’s not brilliant to take or share sultry photos but it also doesn’t define who you are.

Although technically photos may be around for a good long time and although social media teachers and techies will be able to give you stories about photos resurfacing and kids becoming depressed or suicidal that’s not the norm. The norm is that most photos are simply never seen again because we’re not all that interesting.

So technically, yes, I got the details wrong. But common sense says that it’s the right discussion to have.


I Was Thinking Junior Could Use Some Feathers in His Hair


beverly hills is weird

Bows are so gauche but this is my favorite sign in Beverly Hills.