Countdown to the Jonas Brothers


Oh gosh you can start the countdown now.

77kids and the Jonas Brothers are a marriage made in heaven, both are adorable, both are star studded.

This might whet your appetite. (pictures of the boys after the jump)


Joe Jonas from the Roxy 77Kids Concert


More photos coming soon.

You can see the whole show live tomorrow at 3pm. Don’t miss it, I really do understand the appeal of the boys now.


Jonas Brothers at the Roxy


Just got back and the city is on fire.

Here’s Joe Jonas, he held Jane’s hand today and she positively swooned.

77 kids, good stuff.


Super Secret Jonas Brothers Concert at the Roxy


Okay, it’s not really a secret any longer.

I’m taking the kids to their first Sunset Strip Concert this week. The Jonas Brothers will play to a small audience (77 kids) but you can actually (virtually) be there with us.

On November 16th at exactly 3pm you’ll be able to watch along, pick your camera angle, win stuff and send text messages to the Jonas Brothers.

How did I get the VIP tickets for my kids? Just lucky I guess. American Eagle is sending a bunch of kids and they’re smart about it too. We (mommies) will be a captive audience while they tell us about their 77 kids line, where the clothes are guaranteed to be outgrown before they wear out. Good timing in a horrendous economy.

In any event, I’m looking forward to it, the kids are looking forward to it and if you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

I plan on a big Jo Bro post after the fact. I should be able to get really close with the camera too!