An Indulgent Day


Who doesn’t love a three day weekend? I had little to do these last three days with the exception of one very important audition yesterday. Yes, I said it, an audition for a radtastic docuseries that I can’t tell you anything about because I don’t know anything about it except that I want to host it and they should want me to host it too because… because I said so.

Of course it went well because all Hollywood meetings go well. Everyone loves you and is sweet and wonderful and kind because they want you to not look like holy hell on camera. I loved the casting director. He was the opposite of of what a casting director usually is. There were no scented candles and I didn’t offer to shake his hand (because everyone knows you never actually touch a casting director). When he put out his hand to shake mine I almost went Big Love and asked him to marry me and Mr. G. I was flattered.

After the audition we dropped Jane off for a little shopping at The Grove and then Mr. G and I took Alexander to lunch at the Laurel Tavern, which has one of my favorite salads and the worlds worst ambience. People were wearing heavy coats indoors, but no one who worked there thought to close the windows.

We ran through Sports Authority on the way home so that I could get a watch for running (I’m back to running, but oh so slowly). I think I’ll return the watch because a $5 iPhone app seems to be doing a better job for me.

When we got home at 2 I was totally emotionally drained. Alexander had three boys waiting at the front door for him and an afternoon of playing outside. I went upstairs to the big white chair in my bedroom to close my eyes for a half hour. It was a treat that I knew I would enjoy.

For two hours I slept lightly waking often to the sounds of my son’s laughter. I can hear his laugh over the laugh of the other three boys. He’s mine, and I know his particular sound, it’s a song in my heart.

I laid on my oversized chair dozing with my dog and being serenaded by the song of my son’s joy.

It was one of those afternoons when I knew that my life is, in fact, perfect.

Biggest Loser: Win Finale Tickets Here


Who says blogging doesn’t get you great opportunities? Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a little time with Michelle Aguilar. Michelle won season 6 of The Biggest Loser and is the most recent celebrity to get a Milk Mustache.

Win Tickets to The Biggest Loser Season Finale

I only had a few moments to ask Michelle questions. Most of the answers were predictable, she reminded me to shop at the perimeter of the grocery store, skip the sodas, candy bars and chips, move your body and start young.

Here’s what fascinated me about Michelle. Michelle graduated high school in just three years and then moved into a fast paced career. She’s no slacker (trust me, I can sniff one out), Michelle was moving too fast. Part of her weight loss was tied to slowing down. Real food takes time, you can’t eat on the run and you have to plan your meals. She said that her “fast paced world was doing damage” and that it was “Great to slow down”.

I asked Michelle what it was like to win The Biggest Loser and I lost her for a moment. I could hear her tone change and she was clearly remembering a great moment in her life. She said that she kept reminding herself to slow down, to take it all in and to enjoy every moment.

I wouldn’t be true to y’all if I didn’t try to goad her into making a comment regarding the fat acceptance movement. Michelle deftly sidestepped the issue and said only that “healthier is wholer”. I agree, and kudos to you, Michelle for your grace under fire.

I’ve never been morbidly obese, but I did gain a tremendous amount of weight with each pregnancy. I didn’t like the way I looked, but I really hated the way I felt.

When I mention The Biggest Loser on Twitter I get responses like this.


As someone who cares deeply about food and exercise, this is music to my ears.

Now, I’m going to make your dream come true.

Milk will be sending one reader and a guest to The Biggest Loser Season 7 Finale on May 12th. The finale is in Los Angeles, and transportation is not provided.

You can enter up to three times.

1. Leave a comment here and be sure to include your email (no one sees it but me)
2. Post this on Twitter “@JessicaGottlieb is giving away two tickets to The Biggest Loser Finale May 12th.” leave a separate comment with a link please.
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Comments will close at noon pacific time on April 29th. I’ll take all the entries, put them in a list and call my Mom. Mom will pick a number and I’ll send you to the finale.

Okay? Now Start!

Updated 4/23:
In light of today’s Wall Street Journal article, I’d like to let you know that this is NOT a sponsored post. Any and all sponsored posts will be identified as such.