Redshirting Boys for Kindergarten: What did You Do?

This is my very favorite momversation. You can see that we’re all in Daphne’s kitchen and the really nice thing is that Rebbeca, Daphne and I are friends. This is exactly how we chat together. In any event I know that not all kids are ready for kindergarten, just as I know academically that some kids could skip a grade. I still think it’s a bad plan, and if you watch the video you’ll see why. What do you think? When will you send your kids to kindergarten?

Rebecca Wolf’s Spawntourage: A Different Momversation

This episode of Momversation was so much for all of us. I’m very curious to see if you enjoy the format as much as we enjoyed filming. Oh also… what do you think of large families? Watch the video and you’ll see what I think of them. If you want to find Rebecca and Daphne they are here and here.

Momversation: How Do You Handle Nudity?

Y’all might not believe it, but for the first time in weeks I sort of agree with the other panelists. Join me, Rebecca Woolf and Whitney Moss as we discuss kids and nudity. Are your kids asking for privacy or did you give it to them preemptively? Maybe you’re not there yet? I want to know what’s happening in your house.

I Gave Tech This Hanukkah: Momversation

Arrgghhh I tried not to. My friend Joanne is so much better than I, but I love technology so it’s no surprise my kids do too. Join the Momversation with Mindy, Rebecca and me. Will you be giving tech this year? I did.

The One Where We Disagree About A Mother’s Role In Bullying

This week at Momversation we talked about Bullying, Bullicide and a mother’s responsibility to her kids and the kids around her. Mindy recently confronted her daughter’s bullies. At school. On the yard. When Jane was in second grade she didn’t get along very well with another little girl. There was no campaign to harass, there was no ganging up on anyone, it wasn’t bullying, it was just two kids not really liking each other. Jane came home from school, at age seven, freaked out because the little girl’s mother had …