Tampons, Diva Cups and IUDs

Dad. Go read something else. Now. Maybe Oatmeal. Everyone else, we’re going to have to talk about menstruation. Earlier this week I posted about the pink string on Kotex brand tampons, and how confusing pink can be. The twitter DM’s started pretty quickly. Why aren’t you using a diva cup? Eww gross, get a Diva Cup. Don’t you know anything? You need a Diva Cup. Ladies, in addition to tampons and pads for your menses, there are cups. Although the Diva Cup has made quite a splash with the bloggers, …

Video: Metrodome Roof Collapse

As if the Giants Vikings matchup needed more drama. The Metrodome has collapsed under the weight of the extraordinary snowfall. Luckily Fox had some cameras rolling. The anchors describe it as something that James Cameron would make. It’s absolutely incredible.