Sarah Palin Made Me A Feminist


I’m not sure which wink it was, it could have been the first, it might have been the thirteenth, but watching Sarah Palin campaign for White House pained me as a woman. I love that we are sexual beings, sex is fun and dirty, and sometimes funny. Sex can also be a weapon, and I resent that about the GOP.

On day one I liked Palin, but then I realized that she worked a full three months a year. I watched her lose her composure, throw her children under the bus, behave like a lunatic, and then she winked at the camera.

I’ve never really wanted to work outside the home so the glass ceiling isn’t something I’ve cared much about. Keeping abortion safe is something I care about. Talking to kids about sex and evolution should be part of the public school curriculum, unless of course we are in the business of raising pregnant little idiots.

I never felt like I had to fight for my daughter’s future. Maybe living in Los Angeles has kept me safely ensconced in a bubble wherein I’m allowed to believe women are highly regarded.

Sarah Palin made me a feminist. I’m unwilling to raise a child in a country where a woman like her is held up to be the ideal.

Quick Election Update


I voted against my own best interests.

I am going to beg the Republican Party to get their shit together and give us a viable candidate in 4 years.


This Suburban Housewife Has To Break Party Lines: Goodbye Hatred


I can’t do it. I can’t vote for a Presidential team (because that’s what John McCain and Sarah Palin are) that doesn’t have the courage to say, “we’re not going to be hateful.”

I can’t bring myself to be a part of the party that would not vote for a man because of his father’s religion. I don’t care what color your skin is.

I am an American woman, and (up until W) a consistently conservative voter. Yesterday was Yom Kippur. As I passed by Chabad and noted the 9mm pistols on the guards I remembered that I am a Lincoln Republican.  As one of the people they hate, I am in favor of a smaller government and a larger conscience.

Yes, conscience. I cannot have a woman in the White House who wouldn’t use her voice to shush people calling for Obama’s death. I will not have a man in the White House whose battle cry is “Who is Barak Obama?”, knowing that the answer is that he’s a black man with Muslim roots.

On our holiest of days, Jews in America still need to be armed. I strongly suspect that when The Good Ole Boys are tired of chasing down (brown) Muslims and Mexican immigrants (easily confused, no?) they’ll be coming for me and my children.

It’s with a great deal of sadness, and more than a little fear, that I’m resigning myself to voting Democrat in 2008.

Those aren’t speeches Sarah Palin is giving, they’re pep rallies, for the Klan. She’s missing a moral compass that I require in my leader.

Pro Life, Pro Choice, Pro Adoption and Deeply Offended


I am a feminist. Recently that declaration has been called into question. I am a feminist from my earliest moments as my mother’s daughter right up to the moment I decided to become my daughter’s mother. It is appalling to me that there is such divisiveness between women.

I am a feminist because I am pro-life. I am a feminist because I do not believe that abortion is the right choice for me, and I pray it’s a choice my daughter never has to make. I am a feminist because there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my children. I am a feminist because I chose to stay home with my children. My world is uniquely feminine, I am surrounded by strong women with deep convictions and resounding voices.

I am a feminist and I am different than you.

I am a pro-life feminist who is pro-choice. I will stand by your side and support your right to have an early term abortion. I will fight for you to maintain the right to a late term abortion when your life is in jeopardy. I will scream and shout and yell so that no woman ever dies from a botched abortion again.

To drive abortions underground would be an unspeakable horror. I would pause my life and my lifestyle in order to keep us all safe.

I am a pro-life, pro-choice feminist who will beg you to give your unwanted child up for adoption. I will rally ’round you and help you find good pre-natal care. I will stand by your side when you are choosing the adoptive family. I will defend your choice of adoption as the best possible choice. I will call you a hero, so will your child.

I am not sitting on a fence. I can not support abortion as a means of birth control, nor will I sit silent and pretend that it’s a good decision. I won’t stop being your friend, but I can’t be the one you come to when you need support or a drive to the abortion clinic.

There are horrendous people in the GOP. There are complete asshats with the Dems. Both sides of the aisle are populated with narcissists, liars and manipulators. Both sides have some remarkable men and women who are altruistic, and serve us all quietly and efficiently. I can’t defend every Republican statement ever made, and this group is sometimes asking me to, because I am in such a minority.

I will tell you this. I’m a mother. I’m a feminist. I’m deeply offended by the perception that I can’t be a free thinking Registered Republican and a feminist. I will not be voting for Palin because she’s a woman. I would never assume that you’d vote for Hilary for the same reason. We’re not voting for Mommy and Daddy. We’re looking for President and Vice President. I urge you all to not allow the mainstream media dumb it down.

I assure you, that is not why my mother burned her bra.

Jessica Gottlieb is raising two children in Los Angeles, and she writes about it at her blog. This is an original post to the Los Angeles Moms Blog.

Political Blogging and Cloud Computing


This is my new little home on the interwebs and at less than two months old I’m averaging 1500 unique ISP’s a week. One of two things has happened:

Y’all think I’m fabulous and can’t wait to hear what I say next
Y’all think I’m an idjiot and don’t want to miss a good train wreck

Like any good blogger I’m okay with it either way.

Here’s what’s really interesting, and you’ll have to trust me on this because you can’t see my back end stats. According to statcounter I’m getting a lot of Alaska action. When you look at my comments and people have talked about baby showers for baby Trig I’ve seen the ISP’s. They match. Alaska loves me and I’m intrigued with what Alaskans have to say about Sarah Palin.

Some of you have sent me some very personal family photos that include newborn Baby Trig and various women holding him. I’ve not seen these photos anywhere else and I’m not publishing them here because it’s unfair to the kids, all the kids. However, it makes be believe you when you say you know the family, that and the fact that your ISP is logged when you comment.