In Case You Were Worried


There was almost a tragedy here. You see there’s this pair of booties that I’d been coveting.

Fendi booties

Like everything covetable they were ridiculously expensive and teetering into the range of overpriced. So I waited. Then I waited some more. Then Christmas week arrived and they were 40% off at Bloomingdales and I thought about it. Then there was another 20% off and I thought, “Why the hell not?” And a trigger was pulled.

Of course by the time they got to be 40% off and then another 20% off on top of that for a grand total of 52% off (trust me on the math okay) all the good sizes were gone. By “good” sizes I mean my size. The guy in the shoe department gave me a song and dance about how there are only 3 pair left in the system and he’d order them and hope they arrived.

When we came back from our trip I was greeted by an enormous box from Bloomies and I assumed it was my new bed linens. Remind me to tell you about my new bed… actually remind me to buy a new bed. All we have now is a mattress set. The bedroom is looking a little neglected.

The box. The box was massive and rattly and lo and behold it had my booties in it. I squeed a little and slipped them onto my feet. They would have fit  if my toes naturally came together into a perfect little point. I love everything about these shoes except they’re torture devices.

I did what every blogger does when shoes don’t fit and there are no replacements to be had. I tweeted.

And Bethany answered.

I was actually considering keeping the shoes because I love them so much but then a few minutes later Bethany tweeted this


I took it as a sign and last night I packed up my booties and headed to Bloomies for a refund. I also needed to grab some Wen at Sephora. So I did the late night bootie return. I was wearing my son’s favorite outfit. Yoga pants, a tee, Nikes and a smattering of cat fur. I hear it’s like glitter for the lonely. I walked up to the shoe department and asked to return the shoes.

“Fendi runs really small.” Karen in shoes said, “Would you like the next size up?”

I stammered, “You have the next size up? Will you honor the sale price?”

When the answers were yes and yes I almost cried and Karen disappeared into wherever shoe people go to retrieve me a yellow box of self esteem.

I practically danced out of Bloomies with my new shoes at the old price and popped into Sephora where I picked up some hair conditioner and lip treatment. My kids are dying in the heater/air conditioning climate we’re currently in. While checking out at Sephora I flipped past a $50 Bloomingdales coupon that expires on January 8th.

“What day is it?” I asked the clerk. She checked her register and told me it was the 6th and I fairly ran out of Sephora to Bloomies.

“Hi Karen, you’re not going to believe this. I found a coupon!” I declared, wrongly thinking she’d be happy for me.

“Oh those never work on Fendi.” She said, “But we can try.”

So for the second time in 20 minutes I returned a pair of booties and a miracle of all miracles occurred and the $50 coupon worked.

So basically my shoes were ThisClose to free. Or not. But they fit and I’m going to wear them everywhere so get used to them.

Win a Pair of Christian Louboutin Shoes


Of course there’s another amazing start up coming out of Los Angeles (Silicon Beach if you will). This time Brian Lee, the founder of Honest Company, Shoedazzle and Legal Zoom has come up with a new, fun way to shop exclusive deals from your favorite brands and celebrities.

TopFloor will be using entertaining videos to make discovering new and interesting products effortless and enjoyable (ummmm hellllllooooooo… shopping on the internet is always fun there’s no three way mirror and fluorescent lighting).

TopFloor hasn’t launched yet, but they’re getting ready to – and to celebrate they’re giving away 4 pairs of Christian Louboutins!

Let’s be frank, I recently sold my last remaining Louboutins after trying to give them to my daughter for a school dance. I’m sort of “over” the red sole but then I was killing time in the shoe section at Barneys and saw these.

And then angels sang I realized that I did, in fact, still love some of what Christian Louboutin makes.

They’re giving away shoes in four separate waves of giveaways so you can enter during each of the four giveaway periods (and I will remind y’all)

Giveaway Details

TopFloor is giving away one pair of Christian Louboutins every two weeks until October 8th. The entry periods are:

Entries for first Grand Prize Drawing begin at 12:00:00 PM PT on AUGUST 13, 2012 and ends at 11:59:59 AM PT on AUGUST 27, 2012.
Entries for the second Grand Prize Drawing begin at 12:00:00 PM PT on AUGUST 27, 2012 and ends at 11:59:59 AM PT on SEPTEMBER 10, 2012.
Entries for the third Grand Prize Drawing begin at 12:00:00 PM PT on SEPTEMBER 10, 2012 and ends at 11:59:59 AM PT on SEPTEMBER 24, 2012.
Entries for the fourth and last Grand Prize Drawing begin at 12:00:00 PM PT on SEPTEMBER 24, 2012 and ends at 11:59:59 AM PT on OCTOBER 8, 2012.

Good luck and if you win please send me a photo of yourself in your new shoes.

Fendi Perforated Ballet Flats


This weekend I swung by Barneys with my husband and had a quick but not lovely shopping trip. Although I love the idea of a sale the reality of a sale is that stores are crowded, service is meager and you’re probably smack dab in the middle of two seasons with sale items being things you’ve already decided against or something you bought a month ago at double the price.

I find this color irresistible and snatched up these Fendi shoes because they’re perfect for a Los Angeles autumn (it’s the season we don’t actually have but we are proud of ourselves for knowing how to spell it). I was happy that they’d been marked down from $475 to $289 and pleasingly shocked when my receipt reflected a price just under $200.

Still, they’re impractical because the white is too white and I’m sure I won’t wear them for long.

The color though, does it remind you of something?

Places You Should Go (or click maybe)


Every time I find a wonderful place I think Ooh I should blog about that. Then I never do blog about it because I get busy with a rant from my son or an old lady talking about a purple penis.

In no particular order here are a few places and things I’ve been meaning to share with you and none of them are sponsored. It’s just stuff I love.

Your Little Film: If you’re in the LA area and need an event filmed Logan and his team did a magnificent job for Jane’s school play. In addition to event filming he can also take all your baby videos (in any format) and turn it into a little film you’ll actually watch and enjoy.

Rubio Optical or AB See Optical: If your child needs glasses and you live close to the Beverly Center to to AB See Optical. If you’re in the valley Rubio Optical is your best bet. Alexander wore glasses from infancy to age 9 and we went to at dozen places for glasses. ABSee and Rubio are the best with no one coming in as a close third.

The C Salon: I had my second haircut there and I no longer hate going to the salon. Why did I punish myself in Beverly Hills for all those years (and all those dollars)?

Heritage Bookshop: I found the most perfect gift for my Dad’s 70th here. It was a first edition of David Copperfield. It’s a beautiful store and everyone was incredibly nice even though I clearly wasn’t one of their big spenders (OMG they have $60,000 books). They helped me find a fabulous book in my budget and I know it was a hit with Dad.

Bacara Resort: I swear I’m going to do a full write up and review before the week ends. But trust me. Just go there.

Paige Denim: They’re in the department stores so even though the jeans aren’t cheap they do go on sale pretty quickly. If you can swing a trip to the store on Robertson you’ll be delighted because everyone working there is really nice and competent and they’ll help you find pants that flatter your figure.

Babolat tennis shoes: The propulse is an excellent shoe for a narrow foot. My son and I both wear them and I’m about to grab my third pair. I think the velcro is what makes them so wonderful for my foot.

Nude Heels: I might have gone overboard but this summer I’m wearing my AGLs when I don’t have a pedicure and my Stella McCartneys when I do.


Sarah Maizes has a new book out for your little one. It’s On My Way to the Bath. Watch this and I dare you to stop smiling.

I Search the Internet So You Don’t Have To


Ali Kirby is a mixed media artist who is exploring feminism, Freud and taboo. She’s asking women to submit photos of their underwear with menstrual stains. Clicking on her site will probably get you fired and definitely make you queasy. I really don’t understand art.

Gloria Allen is a transgender woman who has started a charm school for the LGBTQ community in Chicago. I think I love her.

How a physicist used math to beat a traffic ticket. Warning: Extreme nerdiness alert.

An Indian Man used Google Earth to find his long lost mother.

Section 265 of the Constitution of the State of Mississippi declares that “No person who denies the existence of a Supreme Being shall hold any office in this state.”

Ooh, and I’m trying my hand at eBay for the first time in a while. I’ve got a pair of Louboutins as well as a pair of Cole Haans for sale. I’m a horrible photographer so they’ll likely be less expensive than they out to be.

christian louboutin black pumps red bag box

Also, for the women I know you think you don’t want to watch this video but you do. It’s a MUST watch all the way to the end.