Tech Tips Tuesday: Stumbleupon 101 Signup

More than once you’re probably had an email from me saying, “I didn’t leave you a comment but I loved your post and stumbled it.” Oftentimes a post or a site will grab my attention and I don’t have anything to add to the conversation, but still I’d like to share the discovery with a few (million) people. I do this for a number of reasons:

Blogging Badly

If you haven’t read Chris Brogan’s post about doing it wrong then go on over there now and have a read. I’ll wait. *tapping foot impatiently* Good, I’m glad you’re back.

My Threesome with Guy

I haven’t be a thoughtful blogger, a slow blogger, a prolific blogger or a coherent blogger. I’ve stumbled my way into some success in this little corner of the web, but it’s been peppered with bombastic rants and my knowledge that I can’t do this alone. For some wacky reason Guy Kawasaki and Neenz have added me to the Alltop Ego page. If you wanted to know the real reason you’d see it all over Chapter 58. If you wanted to know why I was on the page with Seth …

Mommy Blogging and Social Media: Stumble Upon This!

I have the incredible privilege of contributing at the LA Moms Blog. Trust me, I know that there are other cooperative blog groups for women. Some of which would more accurately portray my positions (Republicans who aren’t WASPs but do drink before noon). For now I’ll have to hang out with a group of women who are ridiculously accomplished both in their homes and in their communities. Every so often I ask The Mommies for a Stumble. Cuz seriously folks, I’m writing some good crap stuff here. I’m giving away …

Promoting Your Product in Three Easy Steps: Email, Send, Pimp

It starts like this. There’s an email that includes, “I noticed you write at Celsias and Green Options (interesting National Lampoon does nothing for them). My client has a new product that is going to save us from ourselves. Can I send it to you/you the press release.” With some regularity the answer is yes, I write a review, and send the PR person a link to the review. They say, “Thank you.” and I never hear from them again. Bad. Business. Like any other part of our lives, social …