Sprint M2M Sponsored a 5K to Honor Connor Lynch & I Just Cried


I’ve spent the last six months working very closely with Sprint M2M (machine to machine). In addition to a zillion other devices there are OBD2 diagnostic devices that run on the Sprint M2M network. These devices plug into the diagnostic port of your vehicle and share information with the vehicle owner.

Because I am surrounded by parenting bloggers we’ve been talking about how you can use these devices which run on the network to disable text messaging in your vehicle while it is in motion. There are many other things that the OBD2 devices can do locate your car (yes I lose mine regularly), unlock your car (if I admit to two dumb things am I loser?), let you know if it’s being driven recklessly, diagnose engine issues and more. We’ve stayed with the most eye catching of the features which is the text messaging.

When a local event came up I knew that Sprint M2M would be the perfect sponsor. Connor Lynch was 16 years old when he was struck and killed by another teen driver. My neighborhood was understandably devastated. Connor’s mother is that lady that everyone knows and loves. This amazing family took the most unimaginable tragedy and turned it around, they established the Connor Lynch Foundation and help to educate runners, cyclists, pedestrians and young drivers. Sprint M2M is the perfect supporter in every way.

I thought it would be easy.

Connor’s Grandmother belongs to the same tennis club as I do. Periodically I get a call to fill in as a fourth for doubles. This is when I remind the club that I hate doubles and when they tell me which group it is I grab my racket and go. These ladies may have teenage grandchildren but they were all but born with rackets in their hands and I have yet to outplay any of them. These ladies are unflappable on the court and you’re about to see that Bobbi is unflappable off the court too. As I started to introduce her I said, “This is Bobbi she was, is.” And then I burst into tears because I didn’t know the word for a lady who lost her grandson. Maybe there is no word because there’s nothing awful enough to describe it.

The 5k was great. It raised money for the foundation and it brought our community together again to support a family that everyone loves. Thanks so much to Captain Ivan Minsal from the LAPD & Willie Garson who almost missed the start of the run because we were yakking with him.

Sprint is working very hard to remind folks to put down their devices when they drive. For new drivers and for those of us who could use an extra layer of help you can get an OBD2 device from your insurance agent if you just ask for one. There’s more information on the Sprint blog too.



Last night Sprint M2M (Machine to Machine) and I hosted a dinner party under the stars for some of Los Angeles’ forward thinking women. Sprint M2M is responsible for providing the bandwidth for more than 5 million M2M devices.

I promise you this is interesting! Don’t give up on me.

Sprint has a line of products for insurance companies – OBD2 devices plug into your car, typically under the dashboard. Every car made from 1996 until today has an OBD plug in site (OBD = On Board Diagnostics). It’s where mechanics plug into your vehicle to get diagnostic information. For years fleet managers have used OBD2 devices to keep track of their vehicles and now the general public is becoming aware of how helpful these devices can be.

Rather than droning on and on let me list a few things these babies do:

  • plugging it in is as complicated as plugging in a phone charger to your cigarette lighter
  • They send you information about how your vehicle is being driven. You can get alerts if there’s excessive speed (you define excess in your settings), outside a given boundary or send auto text messages like this oneScreen Shot 2013-08-02 at 6.10.27 PM
  • You can disable text messaging while the car is being driven

If you want an OBD2 device you’ll need to ask C3PO and R2D2… I mean you’ll need to ask your insurance agent for one.┬áSprint has a whole collection of these OBD2 products for insurance companies to use in their Usage Based Insurance programs.

The OBD2 devices we are talking about now are yours to keep for however long you feel necessary. With a subscription the device sends you (the vehicle owner) feedback about how the vehicle is being driven. This is particularly useful with newer drivers or caretakers (okay nannies!) where you don’t want to be in the car with them but you do want everyone you love to be safer in said car.

Anyhow we’ll be talking about OBD2 gadgets and Sprint M2M quite a bit in August and right into September. I’d love to have you join the conversation. I’ll be announcing twitter chats shortly and they’ll come complete with great prizing so be sure to watch for #DriveSafe and you’ll want to follow @SprintM2M on twitter.

Our fabulous dinner was catered by Fresh Dish. I got to pretend I was a zillionaire because Fresh Dish brings personal chefs to your home (and you don’t even have to be a zillionaire). My friend Romi is the founder of Fresh Dish and I really think she’s hit a home run.