October is Breast Awareness Month


UPDATE: Just go read this instead


Every October I rant a bit about how the Susan G Komen Foundation is nothing but a party planning service. In addition to misery directly from the NY Giants (G-Men fix that shit) there’s the misery of pink all over the NFL to raise Breast Awareness.

No, they aren’t raising Breast Cancer Awareness. Everyone is aware of Breast Cancer. In fact, they’re so aware that they’ve inflated the number of incidence concurrent with the cure rate. Stage zero breast cancer anyone? It’s easy to cure because the 10 year morbidity rate is less than 1%. This means that less than 1 in a hundred would die of stage zero cancer – which is actually DCIS if it were untreated after ten years. I’m pretty sure that untreated influenza is more deadly.

Breast Awareness month is titillating. Marketers everywhere get to turn things pink like Football and handguns and KFC.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 10.00.09 AM 

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 10.00.27 AM

Show me a good Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. I dare you. I don’t see them happening.

We’ve made great strides in cancer treatment at the same time we’ve added a multitude of carcinogens to our daily lives. We’re fat and sedentary (massive cancer risks), we’re having kids late in life and we’re using hormones in unprecedented numbers.

These stupid Facebook Memes have turned otherwise thinking women into the worst kind of sheeple.

This year’s meme supports breast cancer. It’s so poorly done that it doesn’t even support awareness. Can we please stop with the pinkification of a very serious disease?

Also stop trying to save everyone’s breasts. Try saving people. They might be more appreciative.

support breast cancer



Susan G. Komen Foundation Funds Planned Parenthood Again


Susan G. Komen Foundation reverses decision to end grants to Planned Parenthood

This is the Yahoo Headline. It’s followed by few words, because really the headline IS the story. I don’t like the pinkification of a disease that ravages women, it ravages more than their breasts, though the breasts are what people love to discuss.

The question remains: is the damage done? Is it just too late to get everyone back?

I think it is.

pink 22 handgun

There was never any controversy about the Walther P-22 handgun that benefitted the Susan G Komen marketing machine. Why? Well, because like abortions handguns are legal.

The question I’d like to ask of all of you is how you’ll spend that time. You see the Susan G Komen Foundation didn’t just steal your money and spend it suing other non profits who are actively seeking cures for cancer, they stole your time.

All that time spent walking, training and fundraising. My question to you is this:

How will you use that time to benefit women in your own backyard? It could prove to be quite valuable.


UPDATE: Folks keep asking if this is a real gun. Yes, it is… you know the saying, “Some comedy writes itself.”

UPDATE: The Susan G Komen foundation also stopped funding embryonic stem cell research centers. If you think for a single solitary second that SGK cares about the health of women you are wrong.