The Game Changer

Check it out at licensed music, free, online. I’m not sure that it’s a business model that’s good for musicians, but business and art aren’t often a marriage. It’s an incredible start up, you can play music straight from your browser, so it doesn’t take up precious space on your hard drive. With over 6 million songs (as of today) and no intrusive advertising, I’m betting on LaLa. Somewhere an executive at Apple is weeping. My kids don’t have to buy their music any longer.

Peek Review: Storytelling In Real Time

Last week I got an email from Six Apart and this is exactly what is said: Jessica, we know you’re going to say no, so we’re going to beg and plead with you. Will you please pretty please review the Peek Pronto Mobile Messaging Device for us on October 30th. In return you will get to keep the Peek.* And my exact response was: No, that is stupid.** But then they said: But Jessica, we love you best. So I asked them to overnight it, and that is honest to …

Tech Talk Tuesday: HP TouchSmart IQ846 Desktop PC Review

A few months ago Microsoft was kind enough to invite me to the Zune Lounge to preview their newest version of Internet Explorer. It was really a great invite and I loved seeing the new browser. Here’s an exact replay of how it went. INCREDIBLY PATIENT MICROSOFT MAN: … as you see there are new search features where you click… ME: Holy cow! Did you just touch the screen? IPMM: Yeah, it’s a touch screen, as I was saying… ME: Wow, what if you want to right click on a …

Why I Magpie: Tech Talk Tuesday

Back in November of 2008 there was a new kid on the block. Magpie. Magpie is a start up out of Germany wherein advertisements are placed in a twitterers stream. At first there was an “I hate Magpie” uproar. Magpie would take away from the authenticity of Twitter. There are still folks who say they will instantly unfollow anyone who uses Magpie. I guess I’ll lose them. Can we face facts? Your beloved authenticity is a hoax. Most of the Social Media personalities are finely honed marketing instruments. If I …

The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth: Tech Talk Tuesday

The net is where the big kids play. If you’re ready to dive in the deep end and have a play at the social media party; grow a set. Yes, ladies, that goes for you too. Today I’ll just highlight four facets of Social Media and let you draw your own conclusions. I’m hopeful that you’ll leave some comments and spark a lively discussion. Own It.