#UnRefreshing How Pepsi’s Cause Marketing Annoys Me

When Pepsi made the very public decision to skip Superbowl Advertising in favor of Social Media, a lot of folks felt like Social Media would be legitimized. Since the Refresh campaign would live mostly online, it could prove to everyone, for once and for all, that Social Media is better investment than Mainstream Media. I’m sure at a corporate level, the Pepsi Refresh project is a smashing success. At a social level, I find it unpleasant. Pepsi launched their Refresh campaign during SXSW (South by Southwest), and my friend Mark …

Countdown to the Jonas Brothers

Oh gosh you can start the countdown now. 77kids and the Jonas Brothers are a marriage made in heaven, both are adorable, both are star studded. This might whet your appetite. (pictures of the boys after the jump)