Tony Hawk Shred and a Passive Aggressive Post


You might have seen some video from me this weekend featuring Jane’s Addiction or Tony Hawk. Then you might have been scratching your head wondering why Jessica is at a backyard party where Tony Hawk (and friends) are skating on a half pipe, while Jane’s Addiction performs. It did not happen because Tony Hawk sent me a handwritten invitation. I was not there because Perry Farrell knocked on my front door and said, “Please, I can’t possibly perform without your presence.” I was invited as a guest of Activision.

Tony Hawk is pretty passionate about making skate parks available to kids everywhere. He talked about using his influence to help build skate parks in neighborhoods where kids don’t have a place to play. It’s easy to want to contribute to his foundation, and I was thrilled to be at an event that built a skate park for kids in Long Beach. He talked about how the skate parks all closed down in the 80’s because of insurance costs, and that he was so bummed because he didn’t have a place to play. Which makes sense, because I remember kids skating in empty swimming pools, and in sewer pipes that were waiting to be installed. Kids skated everywhere.

But then kids started grinding on stairwells, and signs started popping up. NO SKATING. And suddenly skating was a crime.

Tony Hawk and Activision have a new game coming out in a few days. It’s called Tony Hawk Shred (TH Shred), and like TH Ride you can skate through all the places where no one wants you. I’m pretty sure that Shred is the only way I’ll be able to ride a skateboard around New Orleans, and I’m absolutely certain that it’s the only snowboarding I’ll ever do (I tried, snowboarding made me cry).

At this fabulous party I was lucky enough to try Shred. Basically it’s like Tony Hawk’s Ride but everything is bigger and better. The kids love it, and so do I. The only thing is that it does make noise. There’s a thump thump thumping that is only allowed after 9am in this house. On the good side, they work up a good sweat playing.

I didn’t get any pictures of myself or Jane trying out Shred, they were all super blurry, but I was able to snap a few of my friend Lolita’s boys. They had a blast.

Tony Hawk Shred Demo

Now, for the passive aggressive part of the post. I asked the folks at Activision if they would want to do a giveaway for the game. And they said, “no”… which I think we all know means “maybe”. Right? I’m pretty committed to pestering them endlessly until they agree that giving one of y’all a copy of this game would be the smartest PR move ever. Clearly when people want to know about good PR they ask me. Right?


The game goes on sale October 26, and it’s an awful lot of fun.

It’s A Very Good Day


When Tony Hawk invites you to Ron Burkle’s house for a little skating demo and Jane’s Addiction.

Perry Farrell was charming as ever

Tony Skated for everyone

And I’ll be posting about the whole experience another time, hopefully I’ll find a way to get at least one reader one of Tony Hawk’s new games.

It was just fun. Lots and lots of fun.

Tony Hawk Ride Giveaway: The Blackmail Saga


I noticed that a lot of you were looking for reviews of the Tony Hawk Ride. I loved it, my kids loved it and I predict that it will be impossible to find right before X-Mas.

Right now I’m giving away a X-Mas Tree. What good is a Christmas Tree without a gift to put under it?

Tony Hawk has a fantastic Gaming peripheral that’s just come on the market. The Tony Hawk Ride behaves like a skateboard would attached to your gaming system.

Activision kindly let me and the kids have a preview of  The Ride, and we loved it. In fact, I loved it so much I asked them if I could have one for a friend.

Activision said, “No.”

I said, “but wait, I have blackmail pictures.”

“Oh really?” They said, “Of what?”

“Of Tony Hawk being mean to kids”

“Tony Hawk is a really nice guy, you said so yourself.” Activision sounded worried.

“Okay then, explain this!” And I showed them this picture (more…)

I Missed Out On All The Fun For 30 Years


December of 1975 was a Hanukkah of OP Shorts for my bother, tube socks for both of us, and bright plastic skateboards from Mr. Johnny’s toys. Mine was Green and vaguley translucent, it was pointy at both ends and impossibly narrow. My brother and I sat on them and rolled from one end of the tiny living room to the other.

My brother later stood up on his.

A few years after that California had a drought and water rationing went into effect. No one was allowed to water their lawns and swimming pools were drained. The boys of Manhattan Beach seized the opportunity and turned empty swimming pools into skating paradise. I watched the teenage boys defy gravity, destroy the coping of their parent’s pools and delight in “catching air”.

Years later, dates would consist of rollerskating down the strand while a boyfriend rode a skateboard next to me, or behind me. Skating was the culture of my childhood.

A few weeks ago I took the kids to visit Tony Hawk’s offices, while we were there I bought the kids new skateboard decks. I brought my son to my favorite surf and skate shop to get trucks, wheels and bearings for his new deck and then we found an empty parking lot to skate in.

Alexander is not a fearless child. He strapped on his helmet, grabbed his board, and promptly sat down on it. Yes, sat. Jane was not in the mood to join us, as she’s been experimenting with being a little moody lately, so I did what any reasonable woman would do. I took Jane’s board and joined my son. At first I was a little wobbly, and I had to jump off a few times to avoid disaster. Then I got the hang of it.

Within ten minutes Alexander and I were chasing each other around the parking lot, laughing like crazy and trying to lean into some turns. We crashed around a little but eventually tackled a (pretty small) ramp. Watching my son’s face turn from worry to delight took my breath away. Then skating took my breath away, literally. We shot around that parking lot for close to three hours, inventing chase games and building up speed. My legs and abs are sore, my shoes are ruined and I am still delighted.

Yesterday I took a skateboard to the  grocery store.

I know, once again, I’m that weird mom.

Tony Hawk Ride Review: Kevin Staab


Yesterday Tony Hawk invited a group of us to his offices in San Diego to check out his new game peripheral. Here’s my takeaway from the day.

  • The peripheral is well thought out, according to Kevin Staab it was designed by the same folks as the iPod. I believe that, it’s stunning. It looks just like a skateboard deck but it has sensors everywhere.
  • You can do tricks with said board, unfortunately I do not know the name of the tricks, an ollie is basic, I suck at ollies.
  • You can grip the sides of the board and it will sense it, the rider will appear to be gripping the board as well.
  • Moms who grip the sides of the board (deck… whatever) sometimes lose their balance and fall off the deck
  • There are many levels of this, although it was clearly a press day, and everyone was on their best behavior the 40+ year old skaters were having a lot of fun too

The game will be released November 17th, I have a suspicion that they’ll sell out before X-Mas. I’d recommend moving fast, your kids will want this. I’m willing to bet that this will be the sell out toy of the Holiday Gift Season

It’s good on all platforms: Wii (you can play as Tony, his friends, or a Mii), Playstation 3, and XBox360

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