#EASafe and #Travel Chat: Tuesday October 21 RSVP Here


I just got off the phone with the team from Estate Assist. We talked about their product, Safe, how it stores your Estate Planning Documents and makes it easy to share with whomever might need them (sibling, parent, children, spouse or colleague). We talked about when you might want to share your important documents with people and decided that it would be when you’re getting married, having a baby, after you’ve died (it can be done!) or before you take a trip.

So then I talked about how my mom always gives me her lawyer’s card, copies of their passports and credit cards before she takes a trip and it freaks me out. Woody (the CEO at Estate Assist) told us that he knows a guy who leaves it in a binder in the middle of their dining room table. Another person on the call (not naming names because OMG the lulz) used to leave a note like this on her desk before taking a trip & have the babysitter sign it to witness it.


We all had a good laugh.

Travel planning is funny. I remember all my night creams but forget shoes. I leave notes about how to take care of the dog but not the passcode for the burglar alarm. I stock up on milk for the house sitter because I’m considerate, she’s lactose intolerant.

Please RSVP here to join us for another Tuesday night 7pm pacific twitter chat sponsored by Estate Assist. We’ll talk about travel, we’ll talk about planning and we’ll talk about my lost shoes and wills written on 3×5 cards.

As we did last week we’ll be offering a $50 Amazon Gift card and some subscriptions to Safe by Estate Assist. But you must RSVP here.

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#Previlean Chat: Wednesday July 18 10am PT


Plan on joining me and Anne-Marie Nichols for another Previlean chat. This week we will talk specifically about the ALCAT test, what it is, why we took it and food sensitivities. Anne-Marie took the test a few years ago and found it life changing. Also joining us will be the team from PreviMedica. Be sure to follow everyone on twitter:

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@AmyPieczarka (director of nutrition services)

RSVP here with your name and twitter id for the second #PreviLean twitter chat on Wednesday July 18 at 10am pacific time (that’s 1pm eastern)


Anne-Marie Nichols is a social media consultant and professional healthy food and lifestyle blogger. She started her blog This Mama Cooks! On a Diet™  in 2004, where she shares healthy recipes and lifestyle tips for busy moms and their families. She also writes about subjects such as gluten free living, dental health, skin care, fitness, weight loss, and food allergies and sensitivities.You can connect with her on Twitter @amnichols and Facebook.

Finally and most importantly, she’s mom to Nathan, 12 and Lucie, 9 and wife to Paul, a chemist, avid outdoorsman, and motorcycle enthusiast. They live near Athens, Georgia.

I’ll have some prizes from my friends at Microsoft. Be sure to RSVP so you’re eligible to win them.

PreviLean Chat… and I’m giving away things I can’t have anyhow :(


I took the ALCAT test a bit ago and the results came in Friday’s mail. Here’s a video of me opening them (and freaking out because I’m still not sure that a life without jalapeños is a life worth living).

Part of the PreviLean package is nutritional counseling and quite often folks don’t start with their food plan/lifestyle change (it’s not a diet is it?) until after they’ve had their first counseling session. Mine is in a few hours and I’ve got two pages of questions. I don’t really know what a sensitivity is or if one recovers from them. Can I eat the foods I’m mildly sensitive to? There are a few preservatives that are in the “red zone” how do you even know when they’ve been used?

I do know that I cut out wheat and sugar and I haven’t needed Prevacid since Saturday. I’ve been taking Prevacid for over a year and it hasn’t really worked 100%. I’d assumed it was the medicines but now I’m confident it was either the wheat or the sugar. If that’s the only result I get from this I’ll be delighted.

After my call today I’ll be needing a lot of recipes so we’re going to have a twitter chat this Thursday and two participants who RSVP below will win gift cards for the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I have a bunch of them around and since I don’t drink coffee the only thing I used them for was pastries… and y’all know that sad story…

Plan on joining me and Kim Grabinski of Accidental Mommies to talk about learning new ways to eat healthier. Also joining us will be the team from PreviMedica. Be sure to follow everyone on twitter:

@JessicaGottlieb (me)
@WhatsThatSmell (Kim)
@PreviMedica (the official PreviMedica twitter id)
@AmyPieczarka (director of nutrition services and the lady whose name I mangled in the video)

RSVP here with your name and twitter id for the first #PreviLean twitter chat on Thursday July 12 at 10am pacific time (that’s 1pm eastern)

LuxeYard Twitter Chat and Giveaway #LuxeHome


On February 7th I’ll be hosting a twitter chat to introduce y’all to LuxeYard.

LuxeYard is a flash shopping site that features stunning home furnishings at up to 70% off. Previously I wrote about LuxeYard and gave you some insight as to how they’re able to source the furnishings.

One of my favorites this week is the Ginger Red Lamp.

Ginger Red Lamp

Save the date because on February 7 at 10 am PST (11 MT, 12 CT, 1pm ET) we will we chatting with the folks from LuxeYard about ways to make your home a sanctuary without breaking the bank. Christine Kirk will also be joining us, she brings an incredible eye for design and a fondness for everything luxe.

Participate. In addition to giving you great advice the folks at LuxeYard will also be giving two lucky participants LuxeBux. LuxeBux are credits that can be spent on anything in the LuxeYard Store. In order to be eligible to win one of the two LuxeBux prizes you must have a LuxeYard account. All it takes is an email address and a password. Set up your account now.

To win a $50 gift card to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf follow this link.

Be sure to follow the panelists and RSVP here with Mr Linky so that everyone can follow you back. Please leave your name and for the link make it your twitter ID. Mine would be http://twiter.com/JessicaGottlieb.  The hashtag for the event is #LuxeHome.

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