Kimmie Kyees Nails and Katy Perry Eyes


Last week I was invited to an event for Eyelure and Elegant Touch at ULTA. It’s no secret that I love lashes. My favorite part of being on TV is getting lashes but I’ve never actually applied them myself. When the folks at ULTA told me I could bring my daughter to their event I did what every good blogger does. I brought an extra teen (I know… so tacky).

The girls had a great time because nothing but good things happen when you’re wandering around a beauty supply that’s the size of an airplane hangar. They both got Katy Perry Lashes and LOVED them.

And later that night we all put on our own Elegant Touch nails. Jane chose French Tip because she can’t wait to grow up.

And I chose pink with polka dots because I know that being a grown up is overrated.

I prefer a short square nail for typing (and for life). These take about 5 minutes to put on and if you shape them you might need another five.

Lashes are $5.99 to $6.99 at ULTA

Nails are $6.99 to $8.49 also at ULTA

Thanks to everyone at ULTA who spoiled the girls and made them feel special.

Betty White, Previlean, Eylashes and The Beach


Tomorrow I’ll give you the Betty White backstory but today y’all can see what I did this morning by watching this video.

I dragged William along with me and he took great video but I think the folks from P&G slipped him some cash because his focus was a little off when it was time to pictures.

From Betty and Tide I ran home to have a G+ hangout with Previlean. I’ll post it to my YouTube channel later this week so y’all can have some of your questions answered.

After the hangout I had to go to the beach because Jane needed to be picked up there. Shockingly I was an hour and a half early so I had to lay on the towel that I just happened to have with me and read my book that I just happened to bring along.

Parenting can be difficult.

From the beach I ran to UCLA to grab Alexander from tennis camp, it took an hour and fifteen minutes to get from Sunset and PCH to UCLA. This is not a tenable situation. LA needs to make some changes stat.

I flung a little food at as all and took Jane and a friend to an eyelash and fake nail (Eylure and Elegant Touch) event at ULTA. I am a huge fan of nail stickers because I hate waiting for polish to dry and I love doing my nails in bed. I’m also a fan of fake lashes. When the girls saw the Katie Perry eyelashes they freaked out.

So now I’m the cool mom and really that’s all that counts. More on the lashes and nails later because they deserve a video of their own. Also they gave gift bags to both of the girls (which was outrageously generous and totally unnecessary) so I declare ULTA, Eylure and Elegant Touch heroes of the day.