Obamacare, The Republican Diet and Comedy that Writes Itself

It’s no secret. I’m bugged about healthcare. Much like our elected officials I have no solution but I have grave concerns. I’m so concerned I’ve actually vlogged about it recently at Momversation and I’m pretty sure that at least one of you has faced bankruptcy due to medical bills. I didn’t really know how to introduce this video because with 2012 being an election year I worry about beating this very important horse to death. Then I remembered that we can talk about anything incessantly as long as it’s funny. …

The One Where We Disagree About A Mother’s Role In Bullying

This week at Momversation we talked about Bullying, Bullicide and a mother’s responsibility to her kids and the kids around her. Mindy recently confronted her daughter’s bullies. At school. On the yard. When Jane was in second grade she didn’t get along very well with another little girl. There was no campaign to harass, there was no ganging up on anyone, it wasn’t bullying, it was just two kids not really liking each other. Jane came home from school, at age seven, freaked out because the little girl’s mother had …

The Experts Weigh In On Bullying

Earlier this month I had some concerns about bullying. Well, I always have concerns about bullying, but earlier this month they were urgent concerns. Y’all weighed in, and once again the comments on these two posts were incredibly helpful, insightful and always kind. You, my readers, my community, never fail to impress me. As a result of our discussion, my friends at Parents Ask did a show addressing some our concerns. All of us. Thanks so much to Betsy Brown Braun, Bonnie Zucker Psy.D., and Foster Cline MD for some …

Momversation: Taking Your Kids Out Of School

Have you ever taken your kids out of school for a vacation? Do you get grief when your kids take a mental health day? I’m dying to hear about it, because I am stymied by this one. Karen, Dana and Asha don’t feel conflicted at all… ooh, I’ll just call them the next time I take the kids skiing instead of to school.

There Was No Middle Ground Today

It was like a see saw, high and low, never really resting in the middle. I’m experimenting with YouTube, and I’m anxious for your feedback. Let me know in the comments. Do you like video or is one a week enough?