I’m The Lady That Wants To Make Your Kid Cry: Momversation Trophies

I’m thrilled to share with you my first Momversation. I think you’ll see that in spite of the husband harassing I managed to not get the lighting not quite right. There is clearly a vlogging learning curve and I’m on the newbie end of it. Regardless, it’s a compelling discussion. Do your kids get too many trophies? Did they earn them?

This is EXACTLY how the conversation went:

ME: Sweetie can you set up this camera for me? [and I hand him a pink video camera that’s about the size of a pack of cigarettes] HUSBAND: This is a camera? ME: Yes, here’s a tripod for it too. [and I hand him a lego-y looking device] HUSBAND: This isn’t a tripod. ME: Yes it is, see. [and then I wiggle it around a little] HUSBAND: Okay sit over there. ME: Do my arms look wiggly? Do you have just my face? Is the dog in the frame? HUSBAND: …