Win $100 Vons Giftcard


Last week my friend Erin won a $1,000 gift card from Vons. Yep, $1,000 just for running through the store and preparing (not cooking) dinner for four, for $25 or less. You can read about it in today’s Daily News.

I don’t have a thousand dollars for anyone, but I do have a hundred. Here are the rules:

  • Create a family dinner for $25 or less
  • Post your recipe and the ingredients on Whrrl
  • Handmade LA will be judging, that means my friends can enter (except you Jeff Rago, cuz you shop there too)
  • The contest closes next Wednesday promptly at noon pacific time
  • Use the hashtag #Vons in your story (preferably in the title so it can be found)

And here are some tips for you

  • The yellow tags are everyday low prices, look for them, they make it easy
  • O Organics brand is another show stopper
  • Buy produce in season and it will be less expensive (anyone for pumpkin soup?)
  • It’s easiest to sign into Whrrl using facebook connect
  • To start a Whrrl story you can click the green button at the top of the page on Whrrl or download it to your iPhone.

If you need inspiration, read more here:

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Ready, Set, Cook!

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Here in Los Angeles we’re mostly Vons, but this is a national competition, if you are in any part of the USA I’d love to have you participate, other stores include:

  • Safeway
  • Vons (CA)
  • Pavilions (CA)
  • Genuardi’s (Delaware Valley—PA, NJ)
  • Dominick’s (Chicago Metro)
  • Carrs (Alaska)
  • Randalls (TX)
  • Tom Thumb (TX)

You can enter from anywhere in the US, but this is where your $100 gift card will work.

UPDATE: you can leave your recipe right here in the comments if you prefer.

Quick Hit: Poor Tom Keller


It’s Gosh I’m Tired O’Clock here and I had to just say thank you to The Vons family of stores. I had more fun than any woman could ever hope for, preparing a no cook dinner for four in their store this afternoon. I’ll tell you all about it another day.

But I wanted to tell you a little bit about Tom Keller, he’s the president of Vons and was a charming host for us ten mommy bloggers (plus my mom) as he led us up and down the aisles of the store. Well, Tom slipped up and said this was the First Annual No Cook Dinner Competetion. When really it should have been The First No Cook Dinner Competition.

But I’m going with the first one. I’ll be standing in front of Pavillions on the 4th Wednesday of September in 2010, patiently waiting for the second annual no Cook Cookoff. Poor Tom Keller… I’ll be tapping my toes and just waiting for him to show up. (I know it’s every executive’s DreamComeTrue or not)

Cuz, seriously, that was too much fun to just do once.

Thank you to Mr. Keller and his rather extraordinary team. I know the grocery business is about as different as you can get from a bunch of techy ladies.

But gosh, we’ve all got to eat, we’re totally into you, and we just love it that you’re willing to take a look at what we do.

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