LBS, VC, Apps and Me (or you)

If you want to do a little Pavlovian experiment, be present at a VC (Venture Capital) networking event and mention LBS. The VC will probably get slobbery and their cheeks could get red. This little video might explain why search marketing gets hot and bothered when you add location. What does LBS really mean though to us, parents and end users? Location Based Social Networks typically live on your cell phone. Or your child’s cell phone. I have both a Nexus 1 (android based Google phone) and an iPhone, for …

Tech Talk: What I Did at BlogHer

An Interview with Blog Talk Radio I gave away Guitar Hero Powered by Whrrl I gave away Sephora Gift Bags Powered by Whrrl I gave away great outfits from I Am Beyond More stories at BlogHer 2009 Powered by Whrrl I gave away gift sets from Brainy Baby Powered by Whrrl And I gave away great tees from 10 Again Clothing. More stories at BlogHer 2009 Powered by Whrrl But mostly. I met talented and bright women and I was privy to some incredible conversations. I had a chance to see the world a little differently, and for that I’m …

Tech Talk Tuesday: Microblogging

Twitter is fun, please join me there. If you are a story teller try Whrrl, and then send it to Twitter and Facebook. If you are going to be at BlogHer on Thursday or Friday friend me on Whrrl. I will be the geek bearing gifts. If this post feels too short blame Will.

Twitter and Whrrl: Tech Talk Tuesday

Here’s the video If you are lucky, one day you will meet Lindsay Maines and Audrey McClelland. They are somewhere beyond lovely, and it was my privelage to be on a panel with them. A special thanks to Maya Binisneer who jumped in at the last second to save us from ourselves. And more on Whrrl. Jessica Gottlieb is at Home Recapping the 140 Conference.

Tech Talk Tuesday: Phones Play and Apps

Okay guys, I’m going on a Mommy Blogging bent for Tech Talk Tuesday. Telephones: Do not give up your land line. I know we all love our cell phones, but you absolutely must not give up your land line because you won’t have 911. E911 is the service associated with you cell phone and with VOIP. E911 does not go to your nearest police station, poison control or firehouse. My cell phone’s 911 sends me to the California Highway Patrol. I’m in Los Angeles, talking to a dispatcher as far …