Welcome to Park Slope


I love this so much.

You’re Welcome


I found this video just for you.

EDIT: The video was removed from YouTube. So much for cute kids online. Gah.

Why Aren’t You Using G+?


I love G+ because I can select who is in my circles. I’ve got a couple thousand people who pepper my timeline with electic yet interesting news items and I work hard to share the best of the web as I see it. 

Periodically I share a bit of my own work there, but like every social media effort I try to stick with a 7:1 rule. I try to share seven things that I have zero personal involvement in before I share one of my own. It’s like a dinner party, ask more questions than you answer.

Yesterday I shared a video that I enjoyed very much. Apparently the folks who have circled me on G+ enjoyed it too. Less than 24 hours later and 1,100 people who saw it in my stream have given it a +1 and 836 of them have re-shared it.

My experience is that video does very well on G+. My experience is also showing me that most of my peers are not on G+ and the ones who are use it only to promote their own feed which will likely lead to frustration and the declaration that Google+ “doesn’t work”.

I’d love to have a circle of readers so please leave your Google Plus URL in the comments below. To get your URL sign in to Google+, click on the left sidebar where it says “profile” and then copy and paste your URL in the comments below and don’t forget to circle me.

And Now there’s a Little Bit of Incest from Rosemount High School


I’m uncomfortable with this in every way. This month brought us Boardwalk Emprire and some Oedipal Action and now from Rosemount High School in Minnesota we have this.

Selected high school sports captains were blindfolded and kissed… by their parents. There was ass grabbing and talk of “luscious lips”. I’m unclear on how the administration thought this was a good idea, what the parents were thinking and how many years of therapy each child will require.


Tomorrow is Surgery Day


Tomorrow is Alexander’s surgery. I’m super busy today running errands and triple checking with insurance companies. I’ve got friends watching Jane and of course Mr. G has to be in Vegas tomorrow afternoon so my brother is taking the afternoon shift with me because I’m a big fat sissy and can’t be alone with my son when his eyes are bleeding.

Since I don’t have much to say I found a fabulous video for you. If this doesn’t make you smile it’s entirely possible that you have no soul.