Saturday Round Up

Went to the Griffith Park Observatory and it was beautiful. Unfortunately the Gottlieb corridor was the other Robert J. Gottlieb the rich one (the one we’ve never met). Dang, I’d have enjoyed having the corridor named after me. I am, however, available for adoption and it would be ever so convenient because I wouldn’t have … Read more

The Sound of Celibacy

Thanksgiving dinner was lovely. I roasted a turkey, pomegranate gravy with freshly squeezed pomagranite juice, chestnut stuffing, roasted potatoes and scallions, my mom brought cranberry and orange molds along with pie and cookies for dessert. I made tea for everyone and my darling husband sat in front of the television and said, “Honey, these are … Read more

Marielle Carroccio: ‘Scuse me Sir, Can You Spare a Kidney?

See this 15 year old girl? If she doesn’t get a kidney soon she will die. Her mother can be found here. If you are interested in being a kidney donor here’s the information, Marielle is currently at New York Presbyterian (again, go to the Domestic Diva for more info) and is awaiting a transplant. … Read more

Mommy Blogging: It’s not Just Unicorns and Roses

Recently I was on a talk radio show with a few other guests and one mom jumped in with, “just to be clear. I am not a Mommy Blogger.” Disdain dripped from each syllable. A little too perkily I jumped in the fray, “I am a Mommy Blogger.” and the otherwise uneventful hour continued. It … Read more