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November 2008

Saturday Round Up

Went to the Griffith Park Observatory and it was beautiful. Unfortunately the Gottlieb corridor was the other Robert J. Gottlieb the rich one (the one we’ve never met). Dang, I’d have enjoyed having the corridor named after me.

robert-j-gottlieb-corridorI am, however, available for adoption and it would be ever so convenient because I wouldn’t have to change my name.

FYI the book club is reading Naked by David Sedaris. I’m loving it but only in small doses, there’s a great essay titled I Like Guys that’s incredibly prophetic with California’s Prop 8 fiasco. We’re also reading the curious incidient of the dog in the night-time which is completely engrossing as the Autistic Spectrum fascinates me and I sometimes wish we wouldn’t attempt to fix kids that don’t appear broken. In between I’ve also read The Woman Who is Always Tan and Has a Flat Stomach, oh gosh, this is the perfect holiday gift book, I hate her too, but I also want to be her.

Three great reads and none of the links on this blog are monetized so they really are here just for your benefit.

I also had a chance to visit with a friend of mine from Junior High School. He came over late last night with his wife (whom I’d never met). You know how sometimes you just hold your breath and think “Oh gosh I hope she’s not horrible.” I loved her, she’s smart and pretty and kind and I’m exhilarated thinking that my very old friend has brought me a new girlfriend.

Because really, we all need our girlfriends.