Dear Oprah and Diane: Please Mute the Abuser

Dear Oprah Winfrey and Diane Sawyer, I implore you both to refrain from giving Nadya Suleman a bigger voice. The woman is clearly deranged, she’s created 14 new people and subjected them to gross neglect from the moment of conception. Rather than exalt this woman, and give her the attention she so desperately craves, please … Read more

Octuplets: The Babies California Will Caretake

In the earliest months of 1998 I was a newlywed woman with one thing on her mind. I wanted a baby. It wasn’t because I felt particularly prepared for motherhood, it wasn’t because I had a big home or a husband with a great income. It was because I was madly in love my husband … Read more

Friday Confession: Things I said recently

It pains me to admit to all of them, so I’ll do it here, I’ll do it once, and I’ll humbly ask you to mock me behind my back.

At the party, to Karen Samuels when she told me she was in Law Review with Obama: Oh wow, I didn’t know you’re a lawyer. Where did you go to law school?

At Consumer Reports when meeting Dr. Val: [checking her up and down like a high school sophomore] Aren’t you a little bit pretty to be a doctor?

Upon entering Girls In Tech, Shaking hands with Trina from, “oh are you from Girl Gamer? I love them!” *le sigh* Trina, seriously darlin, I can love you too.

The best of all might have been yesterday and it’s very uniquely LA.

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It’s a Bit Like Not Writing a Thank You Note

img_7386Only Tackier.

I’ve taken advantage of a zillion opportunities offered to me because of this blog, and guess what I’ve done? I’ve gone out and partied myself to death instead of taking a few moments and properly saying Thank You.

Thank you for giving me a voice.

Let’s start with the inauguration day party. It was great, why?

First off, it was at my house, which I always appreciate because it means I stand a pretty good chance of showing up on time.

Secondly, there was a caterer.

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