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April 2009

Television, Emmy Awards, Social Media and Housewives

eric-mccormack-emmy-letterbmpQuick hit today.

Read Eric McCormack’s letter to Emmy magazine (the magazine for Emmy members).

I’m still in shock from seeing your latest cover [Issue #1, 2009]. The Real Housewives of NYC? On emmy magazine? Really?
Usually when I pass my Emmy on the mantle, it gives me a warm feeling, makes me think about what I’ve achieved in this business. But today? It just… kinda looks like a joke.

How much do I love that man? It takes a brass set to say something like that in this town. Eric McCormack, I hope you have gazillion more hit shows. Hollywood needs you.

Also, the Motherhood. It falls flat,  and it looks like it’s on it’s way to being cancelled. I think I can tell you why.

Moms escaping their kids are only funny when they love their kids. If you want a funny show about motherhood, go to Roseanne. In the Motherhood fails because they clearly aren’t in on the joke, hating your job as a mother isn’t funny.

In The Motherhood should have been great, unfortunately it comes off as cruel and mocking and when I watch it, I try to remember that the stars of the show are not to blame for their hideous parodies of motherhood.

Writers, show the women kissing their kids just once, or cradling them… give me just one empathetic moment and prove that you don’t hate the moms.