Peek Review: Storytelling In Real Time

Last week I got an email from Six Apart and this is exactly what is said:

Jessica, we know you’re going to say no, so we’re going to beg and plead with you. Will you please pretty please review the Peek Pronto Mobile Messaging Device for us on October 30th. In return you will get to keep the Peek.*

And my exact response was:

No, that is stupid.**

But then they said:

But Jessica, we love you best.

So I asked them to overnight it, and that is honest to goodness how the entire conversation went and even if you have your sister working at Six Apart I need you to know they love me best.

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A Hypotheitical Tennis Question

Have you ever stood at the service line, crouched down, tossed the ball into the air with the slightest spin, brought your right arm up at the perfect angle for a deep hard serve, and then been so overwhelmed by the foulness of your underarm odor that you missed the serve? Oh no. Me either.