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February 2010


Alexander is having a hard time listening to me. I ask him to do simple things, get ready for bed, or turn the TV off, and I’m met with a negotiation.

I’m not a negotiating Mom. My expectation is that I ask my kids to do something, and it’s done. Today we went head to head, twice. It’s really awful, and I hate it, because I watch my son lose control. He just can’t. He’s got to outgrow this, and be able to hear from people that he won’t get his way. If he doesn’t learn soon, he won’t be a good playmate, and I can’t imagine that any teacher would be enamored with him.

Even when I’m eyeball to eyeball with my son, a belligerent eight year old, I can’t help but be filled with love. It’s not an angry sort of challenge. It’s an I love you so much that we’ve got to get this under control sort of challenge.

So, I’m stricter than I’d like to be right now. I want to be the Mom who lets her son get away with pushing the limits, but right now I can’t. Because that wouldn’t help him grow.

It would be easier on both of us, but growing them up is my job.