Alexander is having a hard time listening to me. I ask him to do simple things, get ready for bed, or turn the TV off, and I’m met with a negotiation. I’m not a negotiating Mom. My expectation is that I ask my kids to do something, and it’s done. Today we went head to … Read more

LBS, VC, Apps and Me (or you)

If you want to do a little Pavlovian experiment, be present at a VC (Venture Capital) networking event and mention LBS. The VC will probably get slobbery and their cheeks could get red. This little video might explain why search marketing gets hot and bothered when you add location. What does LBS really mean though … Read more

Sea World And Killer Whales

Today a woman died at Sea World. It’s terrible and shocking whenever there is a senseless death. My heart aches for the family of the trainer. I’d like to discuss just a few things with you today. Did you know that whales migrate thousands of miles each year? How would whales recreate that experience at … Read more