Placentaco Anyone? Did You Eat Your Placenta?

Last week I was directed to the Unassisted Birth Story of Estella Lenore. My children’s birth stories are a little bit different. They go like this.

Mommy checked into the hospital.  Mommy said “ouch” the really nice doctor gave mommy a shot in the back. Ninety minutes later you were born.

No, I’m not kidding. It’s pretty un-dramatic, and if I could’ve had them born without participating at all… well that would have been my dream come true.

Though my hat is off to the women who choose natural childbirth, I’m not envious, I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything and, frankly, I feel a little squeamish just hearing the stories.

Then comes the whole other issue of placenta eating. If you read Estella’s birth story, you’ll see that her mom capped off the day with a placenta smoothie.When Bosley over at Momversation asked me what I wanted to talk about this week, I said, “eating your placenta!”

My friends have eaten, planted and buried their placentas. It never even dawned on me to do anything with it. I’m pretty sure I never looked at it, or if I did I blocked it out.This week on Momversation Rebecca Woolf, Daphne Brogdon, Maggie Mason and I discuss Placenta Dining. Click through for a very fun and funny video.

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Feels pretty much like 39, except I got to walk up to Mulholland this morning without worrying about anyone else’s plans. The kids don’t seem to be fighting, and I haven’t had to pick up after anyone. So I guess that’s a perfect day.

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