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April 2010

Tech Talk Tuesday: I Bought My Daughter A Dot Com

Jane wants to save the oceans. She asked me if I could please make her a “dot org”.

By “dot org” what Jane really meant was 501c. After a long explanation about how Mom and Dad couldn’t possibly manage the books for a non-profit, Jane was satisfied with the option of directing online donations to Ocean Futures Society. In all likelihood I’ll mask the url on a posterous or Tumblr site so that Jane can easily create posts as she deems appropriate.

Jane isn’t online yet, but she will be, it’s just a matter of time. It might be days, I’m hoping for weeks.

How do bloggers teach their children about this virtual space? Am I better off because I know some of the potential pitfalls? Is it a benefit to know the magic of social media?

My site is blocked on the kids’ computers, but let’s be frank, that won’t work forever. How much is too much, and how do I guide my daughter?