Backyard games, summer camp, trips to the pool… what’s your favorite childhood memory of summer?

Just one? Is it just me, or does the word “summer” let you hear the waves crashing? I can sit here and smell the ocean, while I feel the hot sun, and taste the salt on my lips. I loved living on the beach, and particularly knowing that sunbathing was an activity. Laying in the … Read more

What would you do with an army of minions who would do whatever you tell them?

Heh. Laundry, and maybe dusting too. I know it’s shallow, but I’m okay with that. I would live in the world’s cleanest house. My floorboards would gleam, and I wouldn’t have to bring my laundry upstairs again, ever. I understand there are wiser ways to use minions, you could make yourself fabulously wealthy, you could … Read more