The Obligatory End of 2010 Post

I like New Year’s Eve celebrations as much as anyone.¬†Watching¬†the ball fall in Times Square has been a part of my childhood and now my adulthood. My kids love going to “New York New Year’s Eve parties”, since we’re in Los Angeles, the parties end at 9pm (blessedly). I’m not one for resolutions. If there’s … Read more

Nintendo’s 3D Gaming Device Comes with a Warning for Children Under Six

According to the NY Daily News, Nintendo’s soon to be released 3d Gaming device comes with a warning that it could injure the eyes of children under 6. Last night I spent about half an hour with Alexander getting a dried out contact lens out of his eye. My son is incredibly lucky that with … Read more

Jane has New York City in her Bones

We arrived in New York just in time for Snowpocalypse 2010. Mr G and I sort of shrugged and resigned ourself to a difficult existence. I was at the Dumont Plaza for the blizzard in 1996, and every morning we’d rise early, hand the front desk clerk an envelope full of cash and beg to … Read more

Traveling to NYC for a Blizzard. Again.

We’ve taken a last minute trip to New York City. We arrived here on December 25th, and the blizzard arrived on December 26th. From a corner balcony at the Roger Smith Hotel I was able to capture the first dusting of snow. The flakes were large and puffy, much like the snowfall that lures me … Read more