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December 2010

The Obligatory End of 2010 Post

I like New Year’s Eve celebrations as much as anyone.¬†Watching¬†the ball fall in Times Square has been a part of my childhood and now my adulthood. My kids love going to “New York New Year’s Eve parties”, since we’re in Los Angeles, the parties end at 9pm (blessedly).

I’m not one for resolutions. If there’s a problem in November I’m more likely to address it at that point in time than I am to wait for an arbitrary date on the calendar. With that being said, I’ll make the same resolution this year that I’ve made for the last fifteen.

I will tell my husband and my children three times each day that I love them, and I will also demonstrate it.

I’m proud to say that I kept my resolution in 2010, and even during the very few days that I wasn’t with my children or husband they knew that I loved them in part because I found a way to make the thrice daily communication.

I made gobs of mistakes in 2010, and learned a lot from some of them. Some mistakes I will likely continue to make. I’m a learner, but sometimes I’m slow.

The only mistake I know I haven’t made, and it’s one of a very few mistakes that I know cannot be fixed, is that I haven’t neglected my family or my marriage.

In 2011 I resolve to not fuck that up.