Last Night

Jane got to drive down Sunset Boulevard in car blasting KISS FM with all the windows down and the sunroof open. Then she and her friend got pizza and drank soda in Westwood. If you grew up in Los Angeles you’d understand what a milestone this is.

Can We do this Thing Where We Don’t Touch?

Today was a busy day. The kids are out of school and today included three playdates and two sets of sports, all before 3pm. It’s the good kind of busy, we’re happy, the kids and I. There was a local event here in Los Angeles that I’d wanted to attend and it was close to … Read more

Bloggers: Learn from Me

How does the saying go? Screw me over once, shame on you. Screw me over twice shame on me? This year, this tiny little calendar year of just 90 or so days has seen me screwed over twice already. On two separate¬†occasions¬†I’ve entered into work agreements with large brands who have agreed to a predetermined … Read more