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August 2011


We’re back from nine days of family time. We left San Francisco early this morning so that Jane could get to a party that started at 4.30. The girls are doing a Zumba class and then taking a limo to In and Out Burger, and then the limo will drop them back at the birthday girl’s house.

It sounds like punishment to me.

Coming home is always mixed for me. On the one hand I’m happy to be back in my own space, and on the other hand there’s a flood of things to do. I have boxes stacked to the ceiling for my 20k giveaway day and I haven’t even taken a good look at them. Twitter has started purging this week and I’ve lost about 200 followers so as soon as I get Jane and Alexander’s sports schedules I’m going to go ahead and pick a day where we can do the Almost 20K giveaways.

I got totally distracted by the Lamborghini computer that was waiting for me (I wish it wasn’t just a loan).

This is just a strange week. The kids aren’t in school yet so I’m still busy knocking around with them but there’s a lot I really should be doing. I think there’s a good chance that Google Plus is killing off my blog because my best interactions are there.