Unintended Benefits of a Shared Bedroom

This is the seventh night in a hotel, which means that this is the seventh night of Jane and Alexander having no playmates but each other other and sharing a room most nights. One of the things I’m quite certain I got wrong was not having the kids share a room. I know that at … Read more

10 Tips for Visiting Mammoth in the Summertime

I’m here on top of Mammoth Mountain. We’ve kayaked, we’ve ran through fields singing at dusk (keeps the bears away?), we’ve had wonderful food, played tennis, wandered aimlessly and now we’re off to try stand up paddle-boarding. The hotel is good, their motto seems to be “it’s clean enough”. Everyone has their own space. Here are ten things … Read more

The One Where I Told My Son We Could Stop After He Puked

I’m tired and lazy. August might be a little sporadic with the posting. Jane is back from Outward Bound. It sounds like it was an incredible experience, and it’s one I’ll invite her to talk more about. There were some harrowing moments with a tipped over canoe but it sounds like she was with an … Read more