The Book of Life

  I’m not in shul today. The kids are in school. Every year we’re a little more removed from Jewish tradition. I suppose that’s my fault, I’m the mom, and I come from the more observant home. The kids go to a church school. They say it’s not a church school, but they’re in chapel … Read more

Pitches That Won’t Work

My inbox is filling up with marketers and publicists who want to get The Mommy Bloggers to talk about their stuff. Since everyone knows that The Mommy Bloggers are a homogenous group I thought I’d give you a list of pitches that will never work for me. I’m pretty sure they work for everyone else … Read more

I Forgot the Safe Word

  Black Eye, Day Six   Thanks to G+ I have the best response ever. When someone asks me what happened to my eye I simply reply, “I forgot the safe word.” Last night it was met with immediate laughter from two girlfriends and confusion from a third. That third girlfriend really isn’t all that … Read more

Roman Polanski’s Documentary: A Glimpse Inside the Disturbed Mind of a Child Rapist

The Hollywood Reporter published today a short blurb about Roman Polanski’s life story as told by documentarian Laurent Bouzereau. Apparently the film was shot while Polanski was under house arrest in Zurich. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the “controversial life story” of Roman Polanski I can sum it up for you in … Read more