Why I Quit Private Facebook Groups

24 hours ago I was a member of approximately 20 private or secret Facebook groups. Some of the groups revolved around mom blogging, others were for Stumbleupon, others were regional and others weren’t particularly homogenous, we just happened to “know” each other. I logged onto Facebook on my birthday and had the standard notes from … Read more

What Every Volleyball Mom Should Know

A little note to the Volleyball Moms out there. Jane is playing volleyball these days and it’s just terrific. It’s a sport that kids come to a little later so there’s less parental involvement on the court than there is with other sports. I may have just lucked out with Jane’s particular group but the … Read more

I’m Changing My Email Address

Periodically I change email addresses. My inbox is a beast and I’m unable to find an email from my mother that I actually need. Most of the emails have zero value and I know people think I’m exaggerating when I take to social media to complain about ridiculous PR emails. This one you really have … Read more

I Don’t Even Know What Oprah Just Converted Me To

So I’m at this lifeclass and I’m watching Oprah Winfrey and Bishop TD Jakes turn lives around. It’s part talk show, it’s part sermon and part intervention. I never in a million years thought that I’d be willing to listen to the message of a mega church (I’m sorry I still don’t know what a … Read more

Bishop TD Jakes and Oprah’s LifeClass in St. Louis

I’m here live blogging from Oprah’s Lifeclass and Bishop T.D. Jakes is talking about passion coming from pain. “The losing of you was the discovery of me”. He’s an incredibly dynamic speaker and I’m listening to him one by one give confidence and hope to an audience of thousands, not including the tens of thousands … Read more