Making Johnnycakes for the Cat

This morning Alexander and his class presented their fifth grade signature projects. Each of the kids had a figure from the Revolutionary War that they did a report on and earlier in the year they did a Walkthrough Revolution. This morning there was a chapel and each of the kids told us about their figure … Read more

How Much Value do You Put on Sports and Education?

Alexander started with a new tennis coach. He really loves his group lessons but now that baseball has ended I’d promised him a private lesson each week. He’s just had his first lesson and loves it. The guy is German and speaks so kindly to Alexander that it reminds me of my grandparents. When he … Read more

Memorial Day BBQ with Frank Luntz at the Smithsonian West

This morning I sent off a note to Frank Luntz thanking him for being such a terrific host at the Smithsonian West. I’ve renamed his Los Angeles home Smithsonian West… I’m sure he appreciates it. I won’t even charge him a fee for the creative work that went into it. The invitation to the barbecue was interesting as it mentioned memorabilia. … Read more

Moonrise Kingdom Review: the Perfect Movie

I just walked in from seeing Moonrise Kingdom and as much as I’d promised myself I wouldn’t ruin Memorial Day with blogging I have this insatiable need to share great things with you. With everyone. Moonrise Kingdom was absolutely perfect in every way. Even Bruce Willis (who Mr. G thought was miscast) didn’t bother me. … Read more