McDonalds: The Official Restaurant of the US Olympic Team

  I want to talk about McDonald’s “healthy options”. The only thing I’d go near at McDonalds is a cup of water. Let’s face it Apples are on the dirty dozen list… go buy an organic apple at the grocery store, apples don’t need to be wrapped in plastic. Premium Bacon Ranch Salad: Chicken breast … Read more

I Read a Memoir About Selfishness and Self Indulgence

This weekend I read a memoir. It’s called Klonopin lunch. Every self respecting Jew has a Klonopin chapter and I met Jessica Dorfman Jones at an event for the Glass Elevator Media Group and instantly fell in love with her Stella McCartney two toned heels… and her writing (I’m not totally shallow). Her memoir is … Read more

I’m Cranky: Pink Ribbons and Religion are Getting on my Nerves

I woke up with a UTI yesterday. In case you are unaware UTI is an acronym for crotch on fire. At 10am I took a Tramadol, it’s the first time I’ve taken a narcotic in over a year. In case you were wondering the pain was so outrageous that I didn’t even get loaded. Sad really. After … Read more