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October 2012

Early Mornings with Jane

This is the second year that Jane isn’t playing soccer and she’s missing the running. Volleyball is fun and all but soccer was 6-10 hours of running each week. When I picked her up from school she was pissed that she was running six laps in 4.20. “How many laps are in a mile?” I asked her. When she told me there were 10 I sort of gasped too. That’s a lot slower than last year. Probably a minute slower, my girl used to lope and everyone knows the last quarter mile isn’t as fast when you’re 13 (well, almost 14).

I told her I’d run with her. I’m not as fast as I used to be but I can still get in a solid mile or two. She said she didn’t want to just run in circles. I don’t blame her. She said she wanted to go to the gym. She wanted to go on the elliptical. I told her the only time to go would be after dinner because Alexander needs me in the afternoons and we tried to go a few times but we were both just too tired.

I tried to outsmart my daughter and most mothers know exactly how that ends. I told her that the only time I could take her to the gym would be 6am.

She set her alarm clock for 5.45 and yesterday morning I was on the elliptical from 6 to 6.45 while Jane gleefully bounced next to me on her very own. While I worked up a sweat with eyes half closed I told myself I’d  be okay because I had acupuncture in the afternoon and acupuncture is code for nap time. Everyone knows that right?

On the way to school Jane was sleepy in the car, she didn’t quite snore but she definitely rested her eyes. I assumed that one early morning would be enough for her but I’ve just been informed that we’ll be at the gym Friday morning, she enjoys cardio for it’s own sake. At 6am? At least one of us is enjoying it.