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The mom blogosphere is up in arms this week. There are cries of bullying. Everyone who has ever met me knows that bullying is my least favorite word. If you claim “bully” you’d best be prepared to demonstrate that there’s been an unrelenting malicious campaign against you by someone with more power than yourself. There … Read more

This is Why UBER Should be on Every Kid’s Smart Phone


I’m at a party with my friend Laurie and we’re talking to this really nice guy who has a seven month old daughter. I’m typically really cautious when I talk to new parents because I don’t want to scare them. Especially Dads. Especially the Dads of daughters. We totally failed when I started talking to … Read more


no kissing

I’m giving the girls a snack this evening before they head out to the movies. It’s not quite dinner and it’s a little more than a snack actually. I sauté some shrimp in olive oil with a dash of butter and scallions, squeeze lemon all over it and braise some asparagus. I figure it will … Read more