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October 2013

Thanksukah and the Birthdays

Jane’s birthday is this weekend. Halloween is today. Since Jane is too old for a piƱata we have to be creative about unloading the candy if she goes Trick or Treating. My son has always disliked Trick or Treating. He is much too pragmatic to be bothered begging for candy on a cold night. He is his father’s son.

It’s midday and I’ve yet to buy any candy. I cannot be trusted with candy in the house so I wait for the last minute and spend too much. I used to feel badly about spending money frivolously but then I decided that $20 to be not-fat was money well spent.

After Jane’s birthday we have my Step Dad’s birthday followed closely by my Mom’s and then a week later Mr. G’s. The week after that is Chanukkah and the day after that is Thanksgiving. Chanukah before Thanksgiving. What am I supposed to buy all these people? How am I supposed to get Jane a birthday gift and then a Chanukkah gift just three weeks later? Less than three weeks.

I wish that kid had a pinterest board. I’d just shop off that thing.

We’ll be in New York for Thanksukah and our first night will be celebrated at Peter Luger’s in Brooklyn, the second night at the Boathouse in Central Park. Since Alexander and I are alone in loving turkey we had to find a place that would serve Jane & Mr. G some less festive poultry and the kitch of a Central Park Thanksgiving was a siren song I couldn’t resist.

November will be all about shopping and cake baking, traveling and gift giving. Even though it’s a little tiring it’ll be fun and in December when y’all are suckling Xanax in the corner I’ll be relaxing and packing for Costa Rica.