Filiberto Gonzalez, Tamar Galatzan and the Minimum Wage

Filiberto Gonzalez is a long time fixture in the tech community here in Los Angeles. When his first child started school in LAUSD I patiently waited for his head to explode and to hear that he was the PTA president or some sort of liason or whatever it is they do now at LAUSD. It … Read more

Homeboy Industries: Changing Los Angeles Lives

Some popular bloggers just came back from a trip sponsored by yet another brand that uses labor in emerging nations to make millennial fashion. This business is different in that it’s mission is to empower women in those countries. It’s a non profit that’s run by people who seem to be pretty devout Christians but the business itself doesn’t … Read more

Did Fresh Off the Boat Forget Asian Bloggers?

This weekend I read a post by a blogger I’d never heard of before. Her name is Grace Hwang Lynch and her blog is called HapaMama. I was unfamiliar with the term Hapa so after devouring the first post it was down the rabbit hole where I read an interview and learned that Hapa describes mixed race Asians. … Read more