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May 2015

If You Want to Change Your Life You Should Fire Your Friends

I’m done blogging. I’m not blogging again. Blogging is not my job and to every email pitching something that all the mommies will always love I simply reply, “I’m not a blogger anymore please take me off your list.” That felt really great. I like the idea of not being on every publicist’s email list.

My peers have stopped blogging. Most of the women I worked with at Momversation have shuttered their sites. PhD In Parenting is no more and I’m not even sure what’s happening with other large sites. Most have been sold or are dying slow deaths. At the same moment there are new bloggers telling new stories, compelling stories. There are babies and toddlers and elementary schools. There are mothers whose daughters don’t drive, aren’t applying to college and don’t wear makeup who can still talk about the universal parenting moments we share. There are mothers with sons who aren’t going into high school who love Nerf or Lego or Minecraft and don’t care if you take their picture or tell their story.

Maybe it’s about aging out of mom blogging. Maybe it’s when our kids age us out of mom blogging.
Maybe blogging isn’t the problem but product integration is and I didn’t know why I was writing? I still don’t. I don’t even know why I’m updating this except that between Ken Lingad and AJ Feuerman there’s been a steady stream of emails with links to great, not good but great, blog posts about why we need to exercise these writing muscles. Why blogs still matter and how it’s okay to take a break from them.

Possibly I suck at endings. Maybe this is an epilogue. Perhaps Ken and AJ conspired to make me resurrect this space and want to watch a dead horse get flogged.

Maybe blogs still matter. I know the connections do. Maybe I just needed a break and it’s time to talk about silly things again like the fact that my entire wardrobe can be tracked down on my daughter’s instagram feed. Maybe I’ll detail for you the instructions one leaves for the care and feeding of two small animals. Who knows?

All I know is that I’m starting to think about my blog again and I blame AJ and Ken. Maybe one day I’ll thank them properly but for now I’m kind of stuck in open/closed/blogging/not blogging purgatory.

Oh, and there’s a new site I’ll share with you soon.