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8290348 Questions (and Answers) About Previlean

Or nine. Nine questions is a lot isn’t it?

This journey with Previlean has been extraordinary. I had a blood test and some panic that I was going to be dining on plates of air and then I got used to eating without feeling queasy. It had never dawned on me that food was giving me indigestion. I thought it was the piles of pills I take every day for RA. I’m a pharmaceutical dumping ground and it’s completely logical to assume that the pills were setting my esophogus on fire.

And then I eliminated a bunch of foods that the blood test said I was sensitive to and within about three days I felt better than I’d felt since becoming a mother. Within a month I’d lost a few pounds and my skin lost it’s redness. I’m an olive toned woman… I shouldn’t look ruddy.

Something really exciting has begun. I’m now adding back the moderately reactive foods. Last week I ate an egg yolk for the first time in a season and ┬áin addition to being delicious my body didn’t react to it. This week I’m going to add back artichoke and I’m excited beyond words.

Folks who have done ALCAT testing in the past are almost always evangelists. So many are like me and have seen dramatic health effects and want to share it with people but there’s also a lot of confusion about PreviLean and the ALCAT Test. Amy and I created this group of videos that address many of the questions folks have.