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Jessica Gottlieb

I’m All Into Nudity, Hot Male Lesbians & Exploitation Today

My friend April asked me if I’d write something about a new show on Danish TV where women get naked in front of two old men (I’m assuming they’re rich because there’s no other reason for these two to see so much skin) and are evaluated. Apparently the world is in an uproar because this is the most sexist thing ever.

Except that Howard Stern has been doing it for at least 8 years if not more and his stylist Ralph had a laser pointer which he’d use to point out a woman’s cellulite. Ralph is so handsome that he’s actually qualified to do this.

ralph cirella is handsome

You can stop laughing now.

The question is why we care? We’ve obviously decided somewhere along the way that men need to be rich and women need to be beautiful. There’s no good reason for men who look like Ralph Cirella or¬†Thomas Blachman to be in a room with a very good looking naked woman unless money or power are involved.

These shows don’t bother me. They interest me and I think they demean the men as well as the women. It’s abundantly clear that if everyone in the room was naked the only things the men would be holding would be their own erect penises. I watch them appear and I’m drawn in by curiosity the same way that I’d rubberneck a car accident (sorry about the traffic snarls kids).

I understand why women take their clothes off for men. I understand why men want women to disrobe. I understand why it makes everyone uncomfortable and I absolutely adore the fact that it forces people to take sides (there are many more than two sides here).

My question for you is, who exactly is being exploited?

For hot male lesbians go to and watch episode 4.