#JusticeForHarambe: Group Think and Lack Thereof

In the past 24 hours I’ve heard the following: He was protecting the child. Why didn’t the mother watch him? Arrest her. Take her other children away. Where is CPS? Why didn’t they use a tranquilizer dart? A tazer? A Change.org petition signed by tens of thousands of Mrs. Kravitz’ on the Internet asserts that something … Read more

Livestream of Dolphins Being Captured in Taiji

I don’t really have a post to write. I’ve talked about Sea World and their unethical practices in the past. Okay wait. I didn’t really mean unethical. I meant to say that Sea World takes animals out of the wild and tortures them for human entertainment. Their life spans are reduced by approximately 66% and … Read more

The Cinnamon Challenge is KILLING OUR KIDS

Or maybe it isn’t. Who the hell knows? Sometime around last September there was a media query looking for parents whose teens had tried the cinnamon challenge. I responded that my kid had and a producer from the Dr. Oz show wanted to know if she had any bad experiences from it? I stated that she hadn’t … Read more

Now I’m Yelling At You From a Giant Gay Soapbox

In 2007 when one of the men I loved more than the sun and the moon slowly succumbed to AIDS his partner and I spent long evenings getting papers filed and signed. When it was time to make decision about his treatment and ultimately the disposition of his body the man he’d shared a life … Read more