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Book Club

Book Club Selection #1: The Saturday Wife

Well, our book club is official. We had three books to choose from and the majority of you picked The Saturday Wife. Special thanks to Ciaran for suggesting it.

Amazon says this about The Saturday Wife:

Like Emma Bovary, Delilah Goldgrab longs for a better life. A Queens yeshiva girl, Delilah is prayerfully remorseful after fornicating with young, opportunistic Yitzie Polinsky, and quickly marries mediocre rabbinical student Chaim Levi, who is unable to provide her with a house, much less the glossy upper-middle-class life she longs for. When Chaim accepts a position as the rabbi of an affluent Connecticut congregation, Delilah has the opportunity to indulge her ideas about happiness as the congregation’s rebbitzin, with deliciously disastrous consequences. It’s hard to like selfish, clueless Delilah or anyone else here: the pleasure of this novel is in its mercilessness, with Ragen (The Covenant) raising the stakes until the very end.

Ciarian wanted to pair it with Manischewitz, but at some point I have to be friendly to all of you. I would never suggest anyone drink more than a thimble full of Manischewitz. I do, however, enjoy a glass of Baron Herzog during Peseach, so I’ll recommend the 2007 Cabernet.

Our book discussion will be twofold, I’ll read the book within the next week or two, and come up with a few questions (for easy posting), I’ll post them here, and ask y’all to discuss the book (either here on your blogs), and we’ll do a big link round up. This way we’ll all be able to find each other. Hopefully everyone can post sometime between July 15 and 21st.

Early in the evening on July 22 I’ll have a few local bloggers over for wine and a round table chat. We’ll go ahead and stream that on UStream (I’ll have exact links for you the day before), and hopefully get at least a few of you to virtually connect.

Let me tell you what excites me the most. This is officially an International Book Club (watch out Oprah).

SavvyMegz will be joining us all the way from Delhi. If moments like this don’t make you fall head over heels in love with the Internet, I don’t know what will.

If you’re participating in our inaugural Book Club please use Mr. Linky below so we can all find you. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of The Saturday Wife and a bottle of Baron Herzog Cabernet