Sahatsakhan Thailand

A photo of my Stepfather sometimes makes its way to my mother’s desk. It’s my Stepfather, and I know it’s him. It would be easy to mistake the subject of the photo for my stepbrother, his son,¬†as it’s a version of him so young that none of us knew him yet. He stands next to … Read more

Bangkok: Arrivals at BKK

After a problematic long haul flight from LAX to Singapore followed by a brief but delightful connection to Bangkok, I arrived in Thailand tired, confused, slightly disheveled, and wildly curious. I was met at the arrival gate by a young man holding a sign with my full name, middle included. He walked me directly to … Read more

This is Privilege

Recently I mentioned on Facebook that I’d be visiting Pueblo, Colorado. It was met with a chorus of why’s, most with a disparaging tone. I get it. When people think of visiting Colorado they think Aspen or Vail, possibly Durango or Breckenridge, but people in Los Angeles don’t think, “I’ll go to Pueblo, Colorado today.” … Read more