This is Privilege

Recently I mentioned on Facebook that I’d be visiting Pueblo, Colorado. It was met with a chorus of why’s, most with a disparaging tone. I get it. When people think of visiting Colorado they think Aspen or Vail, possibly Durango or Breckenridge, but people in Los Angeles don’t think, “I’ll go to Pueblo, Colorado today.” … Read more

Colorado Ski Vacation: Where I Finally Ski

As the antibiotics kick in and Alexander’s fever subsides we start having a little fun. The kids disappear into the snow and build forts. We caution them to stick together, but there is no lecture about the homeless guy on Ventura or the speed of cars. Instead we worry about boots falling off or spats … Read more

Vacation Recap: The Family that Skis Together…

This time of year the first bit of small talk is, how was your vacation? My answer will sound a lot like the relationship status of a Facebook addict.

It’s complicated.

Skiing is amazing. Skiing for me is a lot like running, there’s fear and failure, bumps, falls and endorphines. Skiing is healing, unfortunately this isn’t the first death to be healed with a day of moguls.

Let me give you a day by day recap of the trip.

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