Tennis Anyone?

I’m off to the Brady Tennis Camp tomorrow. Before I leave there is a three page spreadsheet about various activities I’ve planned for the kids; basketball, playdates, birthday parties and a few rules. You know my mom was an elementary school teacher for 30 years. I’m sure she needs my notes. (to be fair, it was public school)

Gone Fishin’

7 years. 267 cracked toenails. 1,900 eye patches. 2.252 nights spent with bunny rabbit. 2 surgeries. 3 ER visits and only one was Mommy’s fault. 2 years of school, both of them wonderful. 2 summers of camp. 2,282 goodnight kisses. Immeasurable love.

Strangers in my Home

The LA Mommy Bloggers couldn’t wait for their formal launch party in September and someone who rhymes with SoCalMom (Yeah I get no privacy so either do you) suggested a less formal get together. Because I can’t hold my liquor and don’t want a DUI I’m a giver I volunteered my home. It dawned on me this morning that I invited a dozen women to my home. None of whom I’ve ever met. If you are not in possession of a set of ovaries you really don’t know what this …

Head Lice: Actually Mom This is Fun

Talking with the Pediatrician is always a load of fun. Mothers like I need mint flavored shoes because we spend so much time with our feet in our mouths. I’m sure the kids really enjoyed my screeching at him, “Malathion?! You want to prescribe Malathion for my¬†children’s scalp? Are you trying to kill us all?” Fast forward a few days and I’m standing over my son, holding back tears and pulling yet another nit out of his hair I’m¬†hoping it’s the last. I say to him, “Just be still Alexander …