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Ask a Realtor: #AccuracyMatters #JG Massive Cash Giveaway wanted me to tell y’all about a $10,000 contest they’re running on the whole entire internet (or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine – which is like, basically the whole internet). The premise is this – then you go to buy a house and you’re looking up facts about it online, it’s really important that those facts are accurate.

I’ve owned three homes and here’s what I know about house hunting:  charming is code for tiny. Rustic is code for disastrous. Tucked away means that you have to scale a mountain to get to the front door, and spacious could be 1,200 square feet or a palatial estate (depending on the neighborhood).

From mid July until August 18 is going to be giving away $100 each week to one person who submits a photo that best reflects #AccuracyMatters. I’ll be poking around town in the coming weeks finding my own Accuracy Matters images and videos. I couldn’t really come up with anything original today but I was able to find this rather radtastic gif.


And then of course there’s this one

Both are pretty great examples of the need for accuracy.

So in addition to urging y’all to enter the #AccuracyMatters contest I’ve convinced them to toss some money at you guys, my readers. During the next two weeks I’ll be doing my own #AccuracyMatters giveaway with FIVE $100 gift cards going out to one of you. Here’s how we’re going to get the job done.

To enter:

You can enter the same as you would with by going to their site or with the Facebook app. You can also upload your video or image to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and in the text you’ll need to include TWO hashtags one is for me and one is for them: #AccuracyMatters and #jg

You can enter once a day and please don’t find a random internet meme like I did and try to use that as an entry. It needs to be original content. Go ahead and post your best image or video on Twitter, Instagram or Vine. If you tag it with #AccuracyMatters you’ll be entered to win with but if you tag it with #AccuracyMatters AND #jg you’ll also be entered to win one of my $100 prizes. Make sure your account is public or I won’t be able to see your entry.

If you are so inclined you can leave a link to your entry in the comments here. It’s a little extra nudge for me to see your entry. The folks at are going to be judging a little extra over here too.

Questions? Go out and find the funny, just make sure it’s rated G (no, really I said that). If you love to read the fine print here are the official rules for their contest. We’ll be picking the first $100 winner here on Tuesday August 5th so get busy.